BJU's Deafening Silence On Corrupt Modern Bible Versions

by David J. Stewart
January 2013 | Updated April 2017

Jude 1:3, “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

       Bob Jones University (BJU) claims to be “The Fortress of Faith,” a citadel of Biblical fundamentalism. I think it strange then that BJU is maintaining an active campaign against the KJV 1611. Consider the following transcribed advertisement that BJU included at the end of their Chapel Echoes program for August 19, 1995 (this advertisement was aired several times during July and August, 1995):

“In a day when Christian leaders and followers are doing what is right in their own eyes, the authority of the Word of God should be the emphasis in churches. However, many good men have focused their concern over translations of the Word of God, and have forced divisions over relatively unimportant differences between several good translations of the Bible. In the booklet ‘What Is The Inspired Word Of God?: Dr. Edward Panosian, chairman of the Division of Church History at Bob Jones University, discusses the textual debate, and warns against the assumption that any version is specially inspired. If you have questions about this issue, you’ll want to send for your free copy of ‘What Is The Inspired Word Of God?’ Write to Chapel Echoes, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC 29614.”

After reading the booklet by Panosian and the argument that he presents, it is clear that BJU is clearly outside of the AV 1611 position. The other so-called “good translations” to which Panosian refers are built upon the corrupt Westcott-Hort text. In the mind of BJU and company, those of us who hold to the AV 1611 and the manuscripts upon which it is built are the ones who are causing divisions among God’s people, and BJU clearly disapproves of this. BJU has compromised their position, and they are attacking ours. It is obvious that BJU is “building bridges” with regards to Bible translations in much the same manner as Tim Lee is “building bridges” with the Southern Baptist Convention.

My friend, God gave us the inspired and preserved King James Bible. Those 54 men (47 did the actual work of translating) were all Greek and Hebrew scholars. I am leery of individual Bible scholars today who are always correcting the King James Bible. I've been saved for 37-years and I have never used any Bible except the precious inspired King James Bible. I have memorized hundreds of Scriptures, which are precious to my soul. The Devil likes to keep changing the Bible versions, to confuse everyone. The different Bibles all say different things. There can only be one correct Holy Bible. Look at this mess in the modern versions.

Thankfully, God has made it easy for us to discern the truth for those who want it. The truth is this... ALL modern Bible versions come from the Greek of heretics Westcott and Hort. This is known as the Alexandrian manuscripts. Our beloved King James Bible is the ONLY Bible on the market which comes from a DIFFERENT Greek source, which is commonly referred to as the “Textus Receptus” (or the received text). The King James translators reject the Apocrypha (the Catholic Bible includes it) because they didn't recognize it as being inspired from God. The manuscripts which were accepted are the 66 awesome books of the King James Bible.

Make A Difference, Speak! Silence Is Agreement!

What's the Big Deal?

Here is BJU's most recent statement about Bible translations...

Although Bob Jones University does not hold to a King James Only position, we continue to hold the widely-used King James Version (KJV) as the campus standard in the classroom and in the chapel pulpit. The position of the University on the translation issue has not changed since the founding of the school in 1927.

We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Bible in the original manuscripts, and we believe that God has supernaturally preserved every one of His inspired words for us today. However, from the founder to the present administration, we have never taken the position that there can be only one good translation in the English language.

SOURCE: Statement about Bible Translations | Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University has produced many faithful servants of God over the years. In fact, the great First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (where Dr. Hack Hyles pastored from 1959 to 2001) used to send their youth to BJU before Hyles-Anderson College was started in 1972. I was reading an excellent book this week by Bob Jones Sr. Titled, “Builder Of Bridges.” The book was first published in 1969. Inside the front cover is a photo of Brother Jones, rightfully praising him as the man who, “made bridges over chasms for thousands.” The Lord has mightily used Bob Jones University since 1927 to make the world a better place, training pastors and missionaries around the world. Albeit, BJU has indeed changed. THANK GOD FOR KING JAMES BIBLE ONLYISM!

BJU has changed by not taking a stand against apostasy. The corrupting of the Bible is apostasy. Faithful preachers like Dr. Jack Hyles weren't exclusively King James Bible only until after the satanic New International Version (NIV) was published in 1984. When godly preachers saw what Satan was doing, they took a stand. Unfortunately, most evangelicals (like Bob Jones University) failed to take a stand and in so doing went backwards. No Christian, Christian institution nor church can remain spiritually idle. You're either moving forward for the Lord or you're being surpassed by apostasy, sinful compromise and ecumenicalism. As our churches move to the left, faithful preachers and Christians must counter that trend by moving to the right. Dr. Hyles explains this truth well in his MP3 sermon titled, “Which New Is Right?

Sadly, even Hyles-Anderson College (HAC) where I gratefully attended (1985-1993) has adopted the same position since 2008 on the Bible as BJU. The difference is that HAC (when Dr. Jack Hyles was alive) was exclusively King James Bible only; whereas BJU never took a stand against the modern corrupted Bible versions at all. Now, HAC is no better than BJU. They all give the impression that they are for the inspiration of the Bible, but they all DENY that we have an inspired Holy Bible today! They won't lift a finger to contend for the faith by exposing modern corrupt Bibles, that butcher the Holy Bible and corrupt it. Please read “Why Would Anyone Use The NIV?” The NIV is not inspired, because it is not God's Word. Modern corrupted Bible versions have all been translated from the corrupted texts found in Alexandria, Egypt. This includes the corrupted New King James Version (NKJV), which has been strongly influenced by the Alexandrian texts. God only wrote one Book, not 900, which is how many English versions of the Bible have been published since the 1611 authorized King James Bible. The English language hasn't changed that much!

Please understand that the issue goes much deeper than just a bunch of Bible scholars who see the original Greek and Hebrew differently. In fact, the King James Bible was translated from the trustworthy Textus Receptus (or Received Text) from Antioch, Syria; whereas all modern Bible came from the corrupted manuscripts which originated in Alexandria, Egypt.

In an open letter to Dr. Bob Jones III, President of Bob Jones University (BJU), Pastor D.A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D., rightfully states:

On this issue, I believe strongly that Bob Jones University, under the leadership of your grandfather, father, and you, yourself, has been the chief source for Fundamentalists all over the world in the dissemination of many false and erroneous views about the original language texts—especially the Greek New Testament text—as well as the false and erroneous view that Bishop Westcott and Professor Hort were "conservatives," and as Dr. J. B. Williams wrote, are "now with the Lord" in heaven. Bob Jones University is the Fundamentalist fountainhead and source of the exaltation of the heretical Greek Text founded by Westcott and Hort.


Brooke Westcott and Fenton Hort were unsaved Anglican ministers. They denied the existence of a literal Heaven or Hell. They promoted Roman Catholicism. They didn't believe that we have a perfect Bible today. They were both heavily involved in the occult and both denied the deity of Jesus Christ! Why would BJU promote them as men of God? Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing!

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“When preachers begin to doubt this Book, they've lost out with God!”
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Bible Colleges Deceitfully Claim to Believe That the Bible is Inspired, While Denying That We Have One Perfect Bible Today

Is God incapable of giving us a perfect Bible? What kind of confidence does it give a Christian believer who is told that his or her Bible version is full of errors? BJU, HAC and MBI claim to believe that the Bible is inspired, yet they won't expose the modern corrupted Bible versions because they don't believe that there is one preserved Bible in the English language. It can't be both! Either God has preserved His inerrant, infallible, inspired and perfect Word for today as He promised in Psalms 12:6-8; or else we have a bunch of imperfect Bible versions floating around today that at best cannot be considered 100% totally reliable.

I'm so sick of Bible colleges and Baptist preachers saying that the King James Bible is the best and most reliable version, while at the same time denying that we have one perfect Bible today. Which is it? Do we have a perfect Bible that is not inspired? Or do we have an inspired Bible that is not perfect? The truth is that God has preserved His inspired, inerrant, infallible, perfect, Words in the King James Bible; and all other modern Bible versions which were translated from the Greek work of Westcott and Hort (two unsaved, pro-catholic, new age, heretics) are of the Devil. The Satanic Beliefs Of Brooke Westcott And Fenton Hort, Fathers Of All Modern Bible Versions.

It's not for us to decide what is perfect, but God alone. If you consider that our beloved King James Bible was the masterful work of 53 scholars in the year 1603 to 1611, that is quite convincing of God's divine hand of providence at work. All modern Bible versions have been published for money (all copyrighted). The King James Bible is not copyrighted and was produced solely for the purpose of getting God's Words into the hands of the common man. Amen!

The great need of the hour is HOLY SPIRIT EMPOWERED, PREACHING PREACHERS, ON FIRE FOR GOD, WHO WALK WITH GOD!!! A preacher that prays right preaches right. The reason why our preachers today are compromised and no longer on-fire for God is because they are following the weak spirituality of the dead Bible colleges like Bob Jones University (BJU) and Moody Bible Institute (MBI), both of which DON'T believe that we have a perfect Bible version in the English language. They do believe the Bible is inspired. They do believe that the inspired words of God have been preserved unto all generations. But they do not believe that any one version can be perfect or exclusive.

Well, that causes a big dilemma, because all of the Bible don't agree. They say different things, which produces different church doctrines. So effectively BJU, MBI, HAC and other compromising Bible colleges are saying that we don't have God's perfect Word today, except in Greek, Chaldean and Hebrew. If there is no one perfect Bible in English, then we have a flawed Bible at best. When you consider that only one Bible today was translated from the Textus Receptus, it ought to be plainly evident to the honest truth-seeker that the King James Bible has been divinely preserved by God for the End Times. It is the world's last Bible for these last days. English is fast-becoming the international language.

I love what Brother Lester Roloff said... We need porcupine preachers, so people will get the point! Amen to that! The average Baptist church these days is deader than dead!!! I once attended an Independent Baptist church for a year before I couldn't take anymore of their lukewarmness and apostasy. They never preached about Hell, fire and damnation from the pulpit. I never heard one mention of Christ's Second Coming or the Rapture. No kidding. They never preached against sin.

“I'd rather be a prostitute, or one who sells prostitutes, at the Judgment of Christ, than to be a professor who shakes the faith of young people.” —Dr. Jack Hyles (a quote from the sermon titled, “It Seemeth Right”)

The Holy Bible is Worth Fighting Over!

I wouldn't give you a dime for today's Bible colleges and preacher's cemeteries (seminaries) who don't take a stand against Satan corrupting the Bible. Every mention of someone “worshipping” the Lord Jesus Christ (such as the leper in Matthew 8:2) has been replaced with the word “knelt” in modern versions. You can kneel before a king without worshipping him. It is such subtle (yet drastically different in meaning) deliberate changes by the thousands that have corrupted the inspired Words of God.

I did not publish this article to be unkind; but rather, to take a stand for the Word of God. We're in trouble in our churches. From BJU's own words in the preceding quote, they believe that the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS were inspired, and that those words have been inspired word-for-word unto all generations. Amen for that! Yet, BJU as well as Moody Bible Institute, Pensacola Christian College and others, fail to see the danger and work of Satan in corrupting modern versions. What THEY WON'T TELL YOU at BJU is that they also believe the modern corrupted Bible versions are also inspired, and they really couldn't care less to fuss over the issue. Is that the kind of Bible college that you want to attend? Is Christianity all about show-and-tell or are we at war as the Bible says in 2nd Timothy 2:3-4? We are at war! What good is a soldier who has a compromised weapon? If BJU and HAC and MBI saw the dangers of modern perverted Bible versions, then they would join the fight to defend the King James Bible and expose the false perversions like the New International Version (NIV). It is so hard to convince people that they've been deceived.

BJU says that they have never taken the position that there can be only one good Bible translation in English. This is where they get into deep water theologically. What “can” and what “is” are two different subjects for debate. The fact of the matter is that the King James Bible is the ONLY English Bible version today that hasn't been translated from the heretical Greek manuscripts of Westcott and Hort. BJU sidesteps this issue, trying to make it look like it's something else. Take a look at this chart showing the origin of modern Bibles. Satan is deliberately corrupting the Bible and sneaking them into the churches under the disguise of being “new and easier to understand.” The truth is that Satan has butchered the Bible. Take a look at the new, gender-neutral, updated NIV which was published in 2010. It is shameful! The sad truth is that BJU doesn't take a stand against corrupt modern Bible versions.

In recent years I visited a Bob Jones affiliated independent Baptist church that published their own Bible. They have the King James Bible on the left, and what they call the “easy-to-read translation” on the right (which is the watered down, corrupted, Greek perversions of Westcott and Hort). The Satanic Beliefs Of Brooke Westcott And Fenton Hort, Fathers Of All Modern Bible Versions. Just like today's Bible colleges are lax concerning the purity of the Bible, so also are they lax on moral standards, permitting females to wear pants. Moody Bible Institute has gone as far as to eliminate a century old ban prohibiting staff and faculty from drinking booze, smoking cigarettes and gambling. Bible college? Jerry Falwell's Liberty Baptist College promotes Hip Hop bands, shows Hollywood movies and has received millions of dollars in donations from the Moonies religious cult. Fundamental?

And don't you dare tell me that you use the King James Bible, while cowardly remaining silent about all the corrupted Bible versions today. It is just as sinful to remain silent about corrupt Bible versions as it is to remain silent about abortion, homosexuality and the blatant crimes being committed by our government leaders in Washington DC. While Independent Baptists are playing church, taking vacations to Israel, singing “Holy! Holy! Holy!” and being good for God; their fundamental brethren like me are fighting alone on the frontlines, actually doing something, preaching the truth and making a difference. The increasing size of a ministry is not a valid indicator of whether or not God is pleased with them. The purpose of my articles is not to attack and tear down; but rather, to wake Christians up. We need porcupine preachers, so people will get the point! We need some Billy Sundays, Jack Hyles and John the Baptists! Please listen to the awesome MP3 sermon by Pastor Jack Hyles, “Our Mixed-Up Fundamental Christianity.”

What I'm trying to say is: TAKE A STAND! I speak to all, including myself. Something is very wrong with a professed Bible college that is slack, lackadaisical, indifferent and neutral on the issue of Satan corrupting our Bibles. What's the use of attending a Bible college that doesn't think the issue of Satan tampering with the Bible a battle worthy of fighting? Brother, that is the battle! The reason why they don't join the battle is because they are following mainstream new evangelicalism. This is what the ecumenical movement is all about, that is, going along to get along. Have you believed a lie?

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