King James VI & I
Great Britain's Solomon

King James was a Christian king of great wisdom and political skill. So much so that he came to be known as Great Britain's Solomon. Sir Francis Bacon said this of the King in the Epistle Dedicatory of The Great Instauration:

"This regeneration and instauration of the sciences is...due to the age of a prince [King James I] surpassing all others in wisdom and learning......resembling Solomon as you do in most respects, in the gravity of your decisions, the peacefulness of your reign, the expansion of your heart, and, lastly, in the noble variety of books you have composed..."

More questions about the great King James? I highly suggest, "King James, Unjustly Accused?" by Stephen A. Coston, Sr., A.V. Publications Corp., P.O. Box 280, Ararat, VA 24053, 1-800-435-4535.



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"Where the word of a king is, there is power."

Ecclesiastes 8:4

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