The Weapon Of Prayer

“Pray without ceasing.” —1st Thessalonians 5:17

Pastor Edward McKendree Bounds (1835-1913)

Table Of Contents

  1. Prayer Essential To God
  2. Putting God To Work
  3. The Necessity For Praying Men
  4. God's Need Of Men Who Pray
  5. Prayerless Christians
  6. Praying Men At A Premium
  7. The Ministry And Prayer
  8. Prayer-Equipment For Preachers
  9. The Preacher's Cry - "Pray For Us"
  10. Examples Of Prayer

“GOD'S great plan for the redemption of mankind is as much bound up to prayer for its prosperity and success as when the decree creating the movement was issued from the Father, bearing on its frontage the imperative, universal and eternal condition, "Ask of me, and I will give thee the heathen for thy inheritance and the uttermost part of the earth for thy possession." In many places an alarming state of things has come to pass, in that the many who are enrolled in our churches are not praying men and women. Many of those occupying prominent positions in church life are not praying men. It is greatly to feared that much of the work of the Church is being done by those who are perfect strangers to the closet. Small wonder that the work does not succeed. While it may be true that many in the Church say prayers, it is equally true that their praying is of the stereotyped order. Their prayers may be charged with sentiment, but they are tame, timid, and without fire or force. Even this sort of praying is done by a few straggling men to be found at prayer-meetings. Those whose names are to be found bulking large in our great Church assemblies are not men noted for their praying habits. Yet the entire fabric of the work in which they are engaged has, perforce, to depend on the adequacy of prayer. This fact is similar to the crisis which would be created were a country to have to admit in the face of an invading foe that it cannot fight and have no knowledge of the weapons whereby war is to be waged. In all God's plans for human redemption, He proposes that men pray. The men are to pray in every place, in the church, in the closet, in the home, on sacred days and on secular days. All things and everything are dependent on the measure of men's praying. Prayer is the genius and mainspring of life. We pray as we live; we live as we pray. Life will never be finer than the quality of the closet. The mercury of life will rise only by the warmth of the closet. Persistent non-praying eventually will depress life below zero.” —E.M. Bounds

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Awesome Life-Changing Quotes From This Book by Pastor E.M. Bounds . . .

“God through the faith of the sinner saves him, faith being only
the instrument used by the sinner which brings salvation to him.”

—Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter two of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

Why pray for all men? Because God wills the salvation of all men. God's children on earth must link their prayers to God's will. Prayer is to carry out the will of God. God wills the salvation of all men. His heart is set on this one thing. Our prayers must be the creation and exponent of God's will. We are to grasp humanity in our praying as God grasps humanity in His love, His interest and His plans to redeem humanity. —Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter five of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

A breed of Christian is greatly needed who will seek tirelessly after God—who will give Him no rest, day and night, until He hearken to their cry. The times demand praying men who are all athirst for God's glory, who are broad and unselfish in their desires, quenchless for God, who seek Him late and early, and who will give themselves no rest until the whole earth be filled with His glory. —Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter six of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

The Church never will be wholly for God until the pews are filled with praying men. —Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter six of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

“He who ploughs not in his closet, will never reap in his pulpit.” —Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter seven of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

“Oh, when will we learn the simple yet all important lesson that the one great thing needed in the life of a preacher to help him in his personal life, to keep his soul alive to God, and to give efficacy to the Word preached by him is real, constant prayer. —Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter seven of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

'Pray without ceasing,' is the trumpet call to the preachers of our time. If the preachers will get their thoughts clothed with the atmosphere of prayer, if they will prepare their sermons on their knees, a gracious outpouring of God's Spirit will come upon the earth. —Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter seven of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

“It takes prayer in the pulpit and prayer in the pew to make preaching arresting, life-giving and soulsaving.—Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter nine of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

God seems to have taken great pains with His prophets of old time to save them from fear while delivering His messages to mankind. He sought in every way to safeguard His spokesmen from the fear of man, and by means of command, reasoning and encouragement sought to render them fearless and true to their high calling. One of the besetting temptations of a preacher is the 'fear' of the face of man. Unfortunately, not a few surrender to this fear, and either remain silent at times when they should be boldly eloquent, or temper with smooth words the stern mandate it is theirs to deliver. 'The fear of man bringeth a snare.' With this sore temptation Satan often besets the preacher of the Word and few there be who have not felt the force of this temptation. It is the duty of ministers of the Gospel to face this temptation to fear the face of man with resolute courage and to steel themselves against it, and, if need be, trample it under foot. To this important end, the preacher should be prayed for by his church. He needs deliverance from fear, and prayer is the agency whereby it can be driven away and freedom from the bondage of fear given to his soul.—Pastor E.M. Bounds, a quote from chapter nine of the book, The Weapon Of Prayer

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