by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)

(Loyal Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, for over 42 years)

Table Of Contents


  1. The Holy Spirit and the Bible
  2. The Holy Spirit and Regeneration
  3. The Reception of the Holy Spirit
  4. The Holy Spirit and Christlikeness
  5. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit
  6. The Holy Spirit - Our Prayer Partner
  7. The Anointing of The Holy Spirit
  8. The Holy Spirit and Complete Sanctification
  9. The Spirit-Controlled, Mind-Controlled Body
  10. The Spirit and Growth in Grace
  11. The Gifts of the Spirit
  12. The Quiet Work of the Holy Spirit
  13. The Holy Spirit and Divine Appointments
  14. Pleading for the Power of the Holy Spirit
  15. The Mind of the Spirit
  16. The Liberty of the Spirit
  17. The Holy Spirit, Our Comforter
  18. Spirit-Filled Listening
  19. The Sensitivity of the Holy Spirit
  20. The Holy Spirit and the Opposite Sex
  21. The Spirit and Music
  22. The Holy Spirit and Oneness
  23. The Holy Spirit and Fellowship Between Christians Who are Apart
  24. The Transfer of the Holy Spirit
  25. What Happened at Pentecost?
  26. The Throne of the Holy Spirit
  27. The Holy Spirit, the Ultimate in Conviction
  28. The Body of the Holy Spirit
  29. The Holy Spirit, Our Seal
  30. The Holy Spirit and Fire
  31. Woman, the Holy Spirit of the Family
  32. The Holy Spirit and Your Schedule
  33. The Holy Spirit and the End Time
  34. This Kind
  35. The Holy Spirit In Heaven


One of the most grievous things that one can endure is to be ignored. How grieved then, must the Holy Spirit be, for to be ignored has been His lot for these many centuries! He, Who is the Indweller of the believer, the Anointer of the anointed, the Power of the pulpit and the Fullness of power for the believer, continues to go about His work with little or no acknowledgment or attention. Few sermons are preached about Him, fewer books are written of Him; yet He quietly continues to offer us leadership, comfort, wisdom, strength, teaching and power.

He must be a wonderful Person to go about His work among us with little or no recognition. Each of us enjoys introducing to our friends someone whom we have met and whose presence has enriched our lives. Years ago I met the Holy Spirit. How rich has been my life since that day! I want you to know Him too. May I introduce the Holy Spirit to you.


I have been preaching for over 37 years. For almost a quarter of a century, I have pastored the same church. For these many years Wednesday night has been given to verse-by-verse Bible study. None of these studies has been more enriching to the saints than the study of the Holy Spirit. For 16 months we talked of Him, taught of Him, loved Him, spoke to Him and investigated Him.

Requests began to come that I bring some of these studies at the nationwide Pastors' School where thousands convene each year at the First Baptist Church in Hammond for a week of study and practical help concerning God's work.

So in Pastors' School of 1980 and again in 1981 I taught a series of lessons on the Holy Spirit taken from the lessons taught at the First Baptist Church on Wednesday evenings. Soon preachers and laymen began requesting that these lessons be in print. In answer to these petitions, I open my heart to you on the following pages and share with you the truths I have shared with thousands.

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