Alice Cooper Deceptively Says It's The Lyrics,
Not The Music That is Dangerous

by David J. Stewart | April 2015

       Shock rocker Alice Cooper told CBS News that he became a Christian in the 1980s, and finally went public about it in 2002. Alice says that he struggled as a new Christian with Rock 'N' Roll, admitting that it is Satan's world, but then came to the conclusion that it's not really about the music but the lyrics . . .

Alice Cooper, Christian: ‘The World Belongs to Satan’
CBS News | December 31, 2014
By Michael W. Chapman

... “God’s chipping away at your life all the time to try to make you more like Him,” said Cooper. “That’s what a Christian is, a person that’s being molded and shaped all their life …. I think the Lord expects you to do your best in His name. I had to struggle a long time about rock and roll. I realized it’s not really the music. It’s what’s being said with the music. So I think you have to be careful of what you’re writing, what you’re representing.” [emphasis added]

SOURCE: CBS News - Alice Cooper, Christian: ‘The World Belongs to Satan’

Is that true? Is Alice Cooper correct that Rock music is not really the spiritual threat? Is it only the lyrics that corrupt men's souls? Is Rock music harmless? Should we downplay the evils of Rock music, just so long as we add some nice words to it?

The science behind Rock 'N' Roll is amazing. The reason why Rock music appeals so much to the flesh is because of the human body itself. Our heart beats an astonishing 100,000 times per day (or a tempo of about 70-140 beats per minute). That is the range in which nearly all music exists, with the exception of really fast songs, and accelerated heart beats!!! I'll bet you never knew that. God is truly incredible.

Rock music inspires the sin-nature, stirring the passions of the soul to commit sin. The human heart is by nature desperately wicked and deceitful. It doesn't take much to inspire the human soul to sin. Rock music is extremely powerful over the flesh and soul, as it invites demonic spirits directly into one's life. Millions upon millions of young people have betrayed their own integrity, selling their soul on the alter of temporary pleasure while being influenced by Rock music at a concert. Drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual immorality, violence and rape, have all been commonly reported at Rock 'N' Roll concerts. This is true of many Country concerts too. Music and booze make people act crazy!

In addition, there is much evidence showing the social effects of the Rock music industry on American culture. Interestingly, Rock music became popular in America during a time of racial tension between blacks and whites. Rock music is a Communist agenda, intended to break down barriers of race, religion, nationality, sex and language. The results have been nothing less than astonishing. Rock music changed the entire face of American culture in just three generations. The American public went from the bebop skirts, fistfights and school bathroom smoking of the 1950's; to hardcore nudity, epidemic murder and same-sex marriage in 2015. Rock music is a lifestyle, a religion of humanism, where man is his own god. As Aleister Crowley taught, “DO AS THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!” Human nature is selfish, because of our sin-nature. Rock music appeals to the flesh, pleasing the senses and teaching

The United States is a moral and economic hellhole today, and it's only going to get worse. As I type, the city of Baltimore has suffered massive riots, fires and violence, from angry African-Americans who are protesting police brutality. We are so very close to martial law. The Rock music culture has spawned umpteen new music genres of rap, grunge, Goth, industrial rock, punk, heavy-metal, Country Rock, et cetera. The Devil's music is easy to identify. You'll know it when you hear it, simply by the spirit that it promotes.

There is nothing wrong with rhythm. We hear rhythm in all music genres. Music is similar to human speech. A dog doesn't understand words, but they do perceive the inflections in our voice. We can say different words, but with different voice inflection, and get the same response from the dog every time. For example: If I say “nice doggie” with an angry voice, shouting at the dog, he will get scared and run away. But if I say “bad dog” in a sweet and gentle voice, he will feel safe and come closer. It's not what I say that matters, but how I say it.

Likewise, the music itself (regardless of the lyrics) affects the listener in much the same way. It doesn't matter whether you sing “I'm on a highway to Hell” (AC/DC), or “She's on a stairway to Heaven” (Led Zeppelin), or sing the old Gospel hymn, “Life's Rail Way To Heaven,” it's the music itself that is most important. Just as with the dog, it's not what you say that matters, but how you say it. Rock music appeals greatly to the flesh, arousing sexual desires and magnifying the flesh. Whereas a marching band, which still has loud percussion and rhythm, makes a person feels patriotic and energetic, because the rhythm match that of the nature body.

Researcher Jacob Michaels observes:

It gets rather tricky to come up with one strict definition of "rock music." Some say it's the syncopated rhythm; but some of the best classical and modern orchestral music is heavily syncopated. It's what makes the music interesting! Some say it's the predominant drum beat; yet, I could point to several examples of music in the mainstream today (Britney Spears' latest song, Everytime, is a good example) which are utterly devoid of any drum beat, let alone a predominant drum beat. Would I still consider Britney Spears' music as "rock?" You bet. Would I condemn some of the modern symphony composers as "rock?" Not at all.

I really think what makes rock 'n' roll is a combination of one or more of these elements: the rhythm, the predominant drum beat, the syncopation, the artist involved, the lyrics, and most importantly, what I can only describe as a "rock culture" that pervades this style of music. It's tough to put your finger on, but there is definitely a spirit of rebellion, or of unbridled liberty, or even of despair that inhabits this style.

SOURCE: The Inverted Order of Rock and Roll

With the human voice, a woman can very easily say the same thing multiple ways, but get very different responses. She can say the words “You look nice” with sensual overtones, seductive and inviting. We certainly hear this type of sensuality in music all the time. The woman could say “You look nice” in a contemptible way, which would make someone question how they looked, and make them feel bad. Or she could say “You look nice” in a complimentary tone of voice, which would cheer somebody up, and make them feel happy. Or she could even say “You look nice” with a sad and depressed tone of voice, which would give the impression that she is insecure about herself and doesn't like the way she looks. In the same way, the music and singer's voice convey a spirit, a mood and a message, regardless of the actual worlds spoken.

I agree with Jacob Michaels in the preceding quote that there is a “rock culture” that pervades this style of music. The Satanic natured music appeals to the wicked human heart. Rock music is worldly. As Michael's rightly points out, symphony music uses syncopated rhythms. Syncopated is where you accent certain beats more than others, creating a unique rhythm. This is very common in Rock beats as well as orchestra. END

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