Top 10 So Called 'Christian' Bands Today Are Demonic!

by David J. Stewart | August 2012

Psalms 78:35, “And they remembered that God was their rock, and the high God their redeemer.”
Do you have the wrong rock? My friend, God ought to be our only Rock!

Above: The demonic, freakish, so-called “Christian” band KUTLESS!

Look at them. Is that how God wants young men to look like these days? Do young Christian men and women have to look, dress, sing, talk and behave like the shameful world in order to reach them for Christ? That's like saying that an evangelist ought to become a bank-robber so he can go to prison with them to reach them to Christ. That's like saying that a young woman should sell her soul and virtue on the streets as a prostitute in order to win street people to the Lord. It's the same type of sinful mind-process. It's never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right. NEVER!!! CCM is of the Devil, and it always has been.

Elvis Presley used to sing his dirty Rock songs and then add one gospel song at the end of the album. Millions of Christians justified buying an Elvis Presley album on the basis that it contained one gospel song, and many parents fell for that trap as well. But God knows 90% of the time all those millions of Elvis fans listened to 'Nothin' But A Hounding,' 'Jail House Rock' and 'Blue Suede Shoes instead,' drawing them away from the Lord and into the sinful world. Oh, how the Devil is a liar. Elvis died at age 42 of a drug overdose on a toilet seat (his throne for “the king,” as they called him). Elvis was not king in Heaven's eyes. Elvis' widow Pricilla said he would have become a preacher if he had lived. If so, Elvis would have been a prophet of Balaam, leading God's people into an unholy union with the ungodly world. Elvis would have been an ecumenical nightmare, an apostate minister of unrighteousness like Billy Graham and Benny Hinn. God deliver us from entertainment preachers.

On YouTube, I just picked one of hundreds of top lists of what our children in America are listening to these days under the pretense of Christian music. It is shocking to say the least. Our poor kids are being handed repackaged Satanism. Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water (about drug usage) was a Sunday School lesson compared to ther evils of contemporary Christian music today. The following YouTube channel has received 352,618 hits and lists these Christian Rock bands as their Top 10 favorites...

All of these Rock groups are of the Devil. They sound worse than the hardcore bands of decades past. Literally, Black Sabbath wasn't as hard core as today's so-called Christian bands, and they pride themselves in this fact. With changing technology, so also does the world's music change, and it gets more and more euphoric, drug-like and out there!

“Point Of Grace” Are Immodest

The fake Christian female group “Point Of Grace” ought to be a shamed of themselves for following the sinful world. Anything to sell an album, huh? On their album cover titled “A Thousand Little Things” they are pictured with their skirts all raised up, exposing their thighs. This is wickedness. The album cover is clearly sexually suggestive. Ladies and Gentleman the criminals behind the music and movie industries are masters of subliminal manipulation. We often are told that Satan is a liar, deceiver and thief; but he's also every else unholy and evil thing you can possibly imagine. I get angry when I see a so-called Christian album cover with three whores showing a little skin. It's a proven fact that subliminal sexual suggestiveness boosts sales revenue of ANY product or music album by 1000%.

If you chuckle and think I'm out of touch, let me warn you, you're testing God's patience. God hates sin. Immodesty is a sin and has led a nation into sexual sins. Some fools think that showing a little flesh is ok for Christian women, but it's not. It's of the Devil. I said it's of the Devil!

Ladies and gentleman, this is what America's teens are listening to these days in our churches. No wonder America's going to Hell. Rock music is Rock music, and it has NO place in God's house nor the Church. 1st Corinthians 3:16 says that the body of the Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit. That's right, your physical body is the house of God. Together we all make up the Body of Christ, which won't assemble for the first time until the Pretribulation Rapture. The Church is God's vehicle for getting the work of God done in this world. We don't go to church to worship God. We're supposed to worship God 24/4 continually. We go to church for three main purposes:

  1. To EXALT the SAVIOR
  3. To EDIFY the SAINTS

Amen! Sadly, making money is at the top of the CCM list. Can you imagine the Apostle all becoming musicians and selling their albums to serve God? Can you imagine everyone in Jerusalem strutting around, listening to the Apostle's screeching guitars, sensual voices and thundering drums... all in the name of Jesus? Can you imagine them saying like Amy Grant, “I'm not trying to win anybody to the Lord.” Where would Christianity be today if it weren't for those 12 dedicated men?

Satan is a Big Liar! The Devil talks mothers out of their babies, saying, “KILL, KILL, KILL” (Planned Parenthood, or should I say HERODhood). The Devil comes to teenagers today and says, “PILL, PILL, PILL” (there's an epidemic of teens going into their parents medicine cabinet and swallowing a handful of unknown pills to get high). They do it for recreation, not realizing the consequences. Most do it for fun, some to commit suicide, many to impress so-called friends. The Devil will destroy your life!!! I've actually seen teens sniffing spray paint. I went by with my soul-winning partner years ago to visit some teens on our bus route. I'll never forget what I saw when we went into the backyard. White paint came running out of the boy's nostrils. They were spraying white paint into a bad and then inhaling it to get high, frying their brain cells.

Teens have always had it rough, but not like these modern times. No one cares about these kids. They are blessed if a Baptist church or local Christian outreach is there for them. Most churches have the spirit of us-4-and-no-more. The building looks abandoned, even when they're present on Sundays. Ninety-nine percent of all churches never knock on the doors of the local community to personally invite neighbors to attend the church. Most churches are like the occult, which means “hidden.” What's Behind The Wall?

The shameful punk looking so called Christian band, SKILLET, sings in their song, AWAKE AND ALIVE...

“I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life!”


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