The CCM INDUSTRY is Corrupt and Evil

“Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.” —1st Corinthians 10:21

What's Wrong with Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)?

Photo to Right: The demonic album cover of a so-called CCM group. Click on the photo to learn more about the New World Order's (NWO) infiltration of the CCM industry. Sadly, many Christians oppose my stand against the NWO, not knowing enough to even make a qualified statement to argue.

Professed Christians who don't believe in fighting against the NWO are the very one who ignorantly support it, unknowingly pulling on the same rope as the Devil. God forgive America's backslidden Christians.

Some people misunderstand my Biblical stand against Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). There's nothing wrong with modern electric instruments, such as a bass and guitar. Nor are drums wrong to have in a church if used in a Christ-honoring manner. Using drums in church are a matter of preference and ethics, not sin. There are many forms of music which are appropriate besides the old hymns of the faith.

I am unalterably opposed (and so is God I assure you) to the evil CCM INDUSTRY. As a whole, the CCM industry is corrupt, deliberately intended and being used to lead churchgoers into apostasy. Every mainstream CCM singer promotes the Ecumenical Movement's unbiblical doctrine of unity between the different religions (primarily between Roman Catholics and evangelical Christian circles). 2nd Corinthians 6:14-17 command believers to separate from unbelievers.

Yes, we should love people, and not try to be unkind to anybody; however, there is no way not to offend them. If you mark and avoid anyone who is doctrinally corrupt as Romans 16:17 teaches, they are going to be deeply hurt and offended; but we don't do it to be mean, we do it to obey God Who told us to contend for the faith. This is a very hot issue because most people interpret the Bible differently, which makes the issue relative to a large degree. Who is right and who is wrong doctrinally? And who decides who is right or wrong?

The Illuminati use artists to program people. Music artists are used as a tool to spread hate, violence and all sorts of other evils through their music. They are very good at corrupting the minds of children and teenagers to give them the belief that life is all about having money, fame and sex. And this is what most mainstream artists sing about nowadays. THE INDUSTRY is evil to the core! EMI Group is a parent company that owns about 70 music companies, all owned and controlled by followers of Lucifer.

CCM fans will criticize and grasp for straws anywhere they can, because they know in their heart that Rock music is of the Devil. The Devil knows it. The world knows it. It's only lukewarm believers who won't know the truth. Before there was ever religious Rock music (there's no such thing as Christian Rock music), there was first worldly Rock music. It was worldly churchgoers who brought the world's Rock music into churches, starting the worldly religious music culture. The most dangerous thing about CCM is the apostate religious direction that the singers and bands are leading all the fans. Ultimately their goal is to sinfully unite Roman Catholics with apostate evangelicals and Protestantism worldwide (aka, a one-world religious order).

I've learned that in Christianity, it's every man for himself; meaning that Christianity is an individual matter. Groups don't get saved and serve God, individuals do. People get saved one at a time. Even if a group of people decide to get saved, they each INDIVIDUALLY receive Christ as their Savior to be saved. If you serve God, you are going to have to stand alone oftentimes; or else go along with the sinful world to avoid conflict, hiding the Gospel from them that are lost.

The way most people deal with the matter is to just try to remain neutral and avoid stepping on anyone's toes; but God hates lukewarm Christianity and vomits such apostates out of His mouth (Revelation 3:15-16). It all boils down to John 12:43, “For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” You either want the praise of God or the praise of men (and their money).

NOTE: All of the following Scripture references are ONLY to the trustworthy and inspired King James Bible! 2nd John 1:10 speaks of the “Doctrine of Christ.” Hardly anyone in churches these days cares about the Doctrine of Christ, that is, correct Biblical teachings concerning the Person, character, and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Such doctrines would include Christ's Virgin Birth (Matthew 1:23); His Sinless life (1st Peter 2:22; 2nd Corinthians 5:21); Jesus is the Son of God, the Christ (John 20:31); His literal blood sacrifice (1st Peter 1:18-19; Hebrews 9:12,24); His deity and Godhead (John 1:1-3,14; 10:33; 1st Timothy 3:16; Colossians 2:9; Romans 1:20; Acts 17:29); His bodily resurrection (John 20:17); His bodily ascension into a literal Heaven (Acts 1:11; Romans 8:34); His intercessory work as High Priest for all believers at the right-hand of God of the Father (Romans 8:34; Hebrews 4:15-16); His death, burial, and resurrection (1st Corinthians 15:1-4); His literal bodily return at the Second Coming (Acts 1:11; Revelation 1:7), et cetera.

Having said that, go listen to Tobymac's shameful lyrics that say something like, go sizzle your izzle and frizzle your wizzle. Actually the lyrics go...“This is my skizzle. For Izzle.” I triple-dog dare you to find even one mainstream CCM singer's website that shares the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good luck because you WON'T find it! They don't care, they just want the praise of men (and their money). I've never made a penny from serving God and never will, which is why I can speak the truth boldly without fear of losing fans and supporters.

I've noticed that the secular world copies the CCM industry. For example: Randy Houser's song “Running' Outta Midnight” sounds a lot like they copied “Only A Mountain” By Jason Castro. That's just my opinion. Some recent popular songs in 2012 are: “Good To Be Alive” by Jason Gray; and “Center Of It” by Chris August; “Live Like That” by the Sidewalk Prophets and “God Of Wonders” by Third Day. The biggest threat of CCM music is the associated apostate ministers that they all promote. The Doctrine Of Christ is seldom preached these days!

Granted, I like music, but I also realize that I need to hear Biblical preaching, because these songs won't bring you closer to God. It's like going to a restaurant and hearing nice music. The music won't feed your stomach, but it makes the experience more enjoyable. Music cannot make us spiritual. We must study ther Bible and walk with God. Music can only make our journey more enjoyable, even lifting us to an emotional high, but the work never gets done listening to music. The “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD” of Matthew 28:19-20 won't get done by singing. It “pleased God by the foolishness of preaching” to reach the lost, not the foolishness of singing.

That's what's wrong with America's ministries today, they're all desperate for money to pay the bills. No wonder Jesus said that no one can serve God and mammon (wealth). Read Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13. The reason why hardly anyone is preaching the truth these days is because they need the money; thus, they have to cater to apostate church members with itching ears. 2nd Timothy 4:3, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.”

It's not wrong to play electric guitar or drums in church, not at all. The issue of what type of music is played is a different matter entirely. Nearly every Rock 'N' Roll band has a piano, which nearly every church also has. So the issue is not about the type of instruments; but rather, the way they are played.

Also, there are many secular songs that I think are acceptable for Christians to listen to. The Bible doesn't forbid listening to secular (non religious) music. Each person must decide what type of music that they feel is acceptable with the Lord, and whether or not that particular music is appropriate for church. It's not a sin to wear overalls, but it would not be appropriate to wear them to church. It certainly would not be a sin, and it would be ok if that's all you have; but we ought to try to dress nicely when we attend the house of God. The same I think is true of our music.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again... I have more respect for ACDC and Marilyn Manson (who openly admit that they are serving the Devil); than I do for MercyMe, TobyMac, Avalon and hundreds of other CCM groups who masquerade as God-fearing Christians while they promote the Devil's agendas through music. All mainstream CCM singers are a part of the Devil's New World Order [NWO], because the CCM industry is controlled and owned by the very same people. This is true of the entire music and television industry in America. The Devil controls it all.

Modern music often gives the listener a euphoric emotional high, a mental drug. This makes music a very powerful medium by which any message can be conveyed. The listener primarily desires to hear the music in most cases, and the words are secondary.

Backward masking is very effective to insert hidden messages into the listener's mind and I'm certain has been hidden in much CCM music these days. Walt Disney has been promoting The Jonas Brothers (check this out). It's just sickening as I learn more-and-more how much Satan has infiltrated everything these days... EVERYTHING!!! God opens my eyes to many awesome truths, teaching me great and wondrous truths that I would have have thought of. I love God so much for giving us the Bible. Praises be to Jesus Christ!

~By David J. Stewart

“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.” —Ecclesiastes 7:5

All Satan's Apples Have Worms!

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." 1st John 2:15

Believe it or not! Here's Amy Grant, on the Michael W. Smith, In Concert (Reunion Records, 1985) video tape flashing the El Diablo “Satanic salute.” Amy flashes the "satanic salute" at least two separate times on the video, displaying it for several seconds. There is a definite spirit invoked in Rock music, secular or Christian and it's NOT the Holy Spirit! And many times, people involved in Rock music get caught up in its unholy spirit!

Christian Rock is not evil because they use modern instruments. It's evil because they lure Christian kids into worldly music through worldly associations. Every teenager wants to emulate their music idolwhether it be Amy Grant's pot smoking, Stryper's cross-dressing or Marsha Stevens' ministry, BALM, Born Again Lesbian Music. That's the main issue. It is not sinful to have a guitar in a church service. In fact, in can be quite appropriate if done tastefully. The same is true of drums and other instruments. I'm 100% against the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) INDUSTRY, which is controlled by the New World Order as are all the other music industries. I am unalterably against the BUSINESS of Christian Rock Music, which is committed to Satan's New World Order.

I condemn no one, for we are all guilty, dirty, rotten, hell-deserving sinners. I am simply taking a Biblical stand for God against so-called Christian Rock music and those who publicly parade wickedness.

Does This Look Like Jesus is Getting the Praise?

AvalonTake a good look at the photo to the right and decide for yourself if it looks like Jesus is being praised here. Why all the multicolored lights? It looks like a nightclub!

Do you think Christ is being honored when professed "Christians" strut across a stage, with flashing strobe lights, blasting guitars, worldly dress, and CHARGE people money to hear them "present the Gospel"? What a bunch of phonies!

How can Avalon claim that their goal has always been "to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people through music"; BUT, then charge people to hear their music. Is the Gospel for sale?

And why don't they freely share the Gospel on their website with their fans? It's all about money! It is an insult to God for anyone to claim to sing the Gospel, and charge people money to hear it. Who's kidding who?

The Devil's Music All Comes from the Same Company

EMI Group! Like Bob Dylan and Huey Lewis, who openly admit selling their souls to the Devil for worldly success, so do Amy Grant and others sell out by recording with heathen companies.

Sparrow Records (shown on Amy's website at the bottom of all her 30 albums for sale) was acquired by EMI Group in the 1990's. EMI owns over 70 music companies!

The EMI Christian Music Group is a division of the EMI Group, which also produce records for Pink Floyd, Katy Perry, Smashing Pumpkins, Grand Funk Railroad, Avalon, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Snoop Dog, Toby Mac, and hundreds of other heathen groups (over 1500 total). It's really sickening if you realize what's going on. EMI Group is a heathen music production company out to make a buck, period.

They created their so-called Christian Music Group as part of their marketing strategy, and not because they love Christ nor care about getting anybody saved. The same parent company that sells Amy Grant's music sells Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden too. It's like a porno store in the rear with a Christian bookstore in the front, all operated by the same organization, trying to make money. There's nothing Christian about any of this garbage, not even the fake “Christian” label they slap across it.

It's all a deception of the Devil, a “division” of the Godless parent company. As the saying goes, “The Apple never falls far from the tree” or “Birds of a feather flock together.” 1st Corinthians 10:21, “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.” Once an artist sells their soul, they will always be involved with evil. This is why The Rolling Stones sing, You'll Never Make A Saint Of Me!

The idea of a heathen greedy music company starting a so-called “Christian” music sub-company to market a different group of society is nauseating to say the least. Now you know why the gospel is never preached at any of their CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) concerts. They're no more Christian than Ozzy Osbourne. EMI sells Katy Perry's records, a little tramp whore who lays with her legs open in her immoral video Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.). She sings about streaking in the park, getting drunk, having sex with a boy, and wanting to do it all again to her parents. Such destructive music is deliberately being targeted at teens today by scum Communists, God haters and Luciferian occultists to ruin them. It was Vladimir Lenin who said, “The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals.”

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The Devil's crowd knows "rock" is Evil...

David Bowie:
"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC. . ." (Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976)

John Lennon:
"I've sold my soul to the DEVIL." (Ray Coleman, Lennon, p.256)

Little Richard:
"I'm the Rock 'n Roll singer that you heard about through the years. . . I was directed and commanded by another power. The power of DARKNESS. . . The power of the DEVIL. SATAN." (Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard, pp. 205-206)


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TobyMac Exposed (lead singer of DC Talk a servant of Satan who calls himself a "Christian")

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"People there are, not a few, who have pipe organ abilities and make no more music for the causes of Christ than a wheezy saxophone in an idiot's hands." —Dr. R.G. Lee (from the needful sermon, PAYDAY SOMEDAY)

The Satanic Salute from P.O.D.'s album.



There is NOTHING even remotely Christian about Amy Grant.



"Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream."
—Amos 5:23,24

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