Hip Hop From Hell

By David J. Stewart

“The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day.” —Isaiah 2:11

       Hip Hop is a disgraceful form of music (noise as far as I'm concerned) that glorifies drug abuse, sexual immorality, vulgarity, lewdness and the New World Order. Satan is behind the music industry, evidenced by the saturation with occult symbols in their music.

One of the most popular Hip Hop artists is called “Nelly,” who is infamous for his garbage bags full of drugs as a illegal drug dealer throughout his youth. St. Louis is his home and the city of his evils. As a gospel preacher, I'm so sick of the media glorifying and turning criminals into heroes. Nelly is no hero, no mentor and ought to be reproved instead of promoted for all the lives adversely affected by his drug-dealing years.

Look at the magazine cover to the right. He certainly looks like a hustler. Nelly's trashy Hip Hop music has sold millions of albums. I am offended as a Christian by any so-called music that glorifies sin and evil. Rappers glorify thugs, drugs and wickedness.

Nelly and his worldly friends named their music group “The St. Louis Lunatics,” which is a fitting name for them I think. Truly they ought to be ashamed of their lifestyles of wickedness. Now Nelly claims that he has given up drugs, but he is a major promoter of sexual smut, raunchy videos and filth. In one popular music video by Nelly's Hip Hop group, a man swipes his credit card between a females buttocks. The media praises Nelly for leaving the drug scene, but he has simply gone from one form of wickedness to many others.

It is sad that millions of African-American youth have losers as heroes. Instead of having decent people as mentors and heroes, like inventor George Washington Carver, today's black youth are idolizing shady characters who have escaped prison by sheer luck. Kelly Rowland was hired to sing on “Nellyville,” Nelly's second album. Nelly's lyrics include sleazy suggestive statements such as, “It's getting hot in here, take all your clothes off!” A fellow band member was sentenced to 10-years in prison for shooting a man. America is going to hell, literally. God will not bless a nation of fornicators, druggies, perverts and smut producers. Nelly's third album was titled “Da Derrty Versions,” featuring naked women being degraded and womanized in their videos.

Rightfully, many women's groups were upset and demanded a ban of Kelly's raunchy Hip Hop garbage. Despite the greedy, money-grabbing, society-corrupting, demonic filth of groups like “The St. Louis Lunatics,” there are still many decent citizens in America who are standing up against the moral attack against our youth. Nelly blamed the women, alleging that the most offensive content in the filthy videos were the women's idea. And that's not a surprise, because strippers were hired to appear in the videos. Nelly and his repulsive singing group are a shameful disgrace to the United States, bringing further reproach upon our country.

Hip Hop is the Devil's music. Lasciviousness is of the Devil. A common tactic of the Illuminati behind the music industry is to pick, groom and promote a new singer, and require them to do bizarre, subversive and morally decadent things in their music and videos, then years later that same singer enters into the religious music scene, or they mellow out. So their new fans go back and are exposed to the filthy, raunchy and satanic videos and music of their earlier career. Nelly has mellowed out and has gained millions of new fans, but his filthy and demonic sexually promiscuous videos are still available and being sold.

Nelly released his fifth album in 2010 called, “Nelly 5.0.” The documentary about Nelly's life would have the public to believe that Nelly worked hard to get where he is, but the truth is that the Illuminati is behind his success as they promote him. Look at the album cover to the left and notice the subtle occult symbols. There are three occult pyramids formed at the lower right by overlapping scratches. Also, notice that Nelly is forming one side of a pyramid with his left arm, but the subliminal message is clearly understood. Also, his three fingers are an occult sign of 666. EVERY mainstream artist in the music industry, somehow, someway, has occult imagery on their album artwork.

Here are some of the perverted lyrics to Nelly's recent 2010 song, “MOVE THAT BODY”...

Move that body
Work that body girl
Twist that body
Shake it shawty

All my bad b! tches stand up
See you gotta bug on put your hands up
See you got a boyfriend shawty and what
Ass so big better pull your pants up
Well I got some footie rosey bootie
Hands in the air put yor bootie where the flow at
You should know dat
Anywhere move it
Pause for the picture shawty we should take a Kodak

Cause you got some mean on
Like you painted them jeans on
And then your whole click back and you team strong
I know your ex want you back till em dream on

Shawty wanna tell you how your body gonna work
I like all that seduction
She gotta look closer over and over
Shakin that butt thin
I got somethin I gotta show her what somethin
But if she wanna rock with a player
She gonna have to follow my instruction

Nelly promotes sexual promiscuity, lewdness and filth. Despite the content advisory, millions of youth are still able to watch the videos on the internet freely. And they're buying the albums. It's a shame what is happening in our nation today. America is corrupting the entire world with our filth. Judgment day is coming. The Bible warns in James 4:4 that friendship with the world means that you are God's enemy. You can't be on both sides, it's one or the other.

Millions of American youth are walking around with their pants hanging down, their belt unbuckled and inappropriate in other ways because of the ungodly influence of worldly entertainers. Notice that Nelly's belt is unbuckled and hanging down. Nelly works for the New World Order now, part of the Devil's crowd.

I did not write this article to be unkind; but rather, to take a Biblical stand for God against the wickedness of this untoward generation which have no fear of God.

"And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible." — Isaiah 13:11