The Insane Lunatics Behind America's Prison System

By David J. Stewart | April 2015

Jude 1:22-23, “And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others
save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”

       As a born-again Christian, I am compelled by God's indwelling Holy Spirit to hate all forms of human rights abuses, corruption and evil. There's not a more abusive system in America than the prison system. If you treat men like animals, they will behave like animals. Ironically, I heard a prison warden tell new inmates that if they acted like animals, they would be treated like animals. My friend, they are already being treated like animals, locked behind bars like beasts, confined in solitary confinement for periods extending over one year. That is cruel, unusual and inhumane treatment.

No wonder those men lose their minds, throw their feces at guards, slit their wrists, threaten to kill everyone around them. Literally, these are a military form of torture used in Psy-Ops programs against combat enemies. What is wrong with our nation? Is this the best we can do? America's prison system is backfiring on our nation. You cannot lock men up like animals, with no work, no hope, no love, no compassion, no purpose in life, and honestly expect them not to self-destruct completely. I wouldn't blame them if they killed all the guards and everyone around them from the way our prison system abuses human beings in the system.

The horrible people that support mistreatment of prisoners only do so because they've never been incarcerated in dire circumstances, or it's not their loved ones locked up. I am not supporting crime, nor am I saying that the system should cater to prisoners with the good life. However, I am saying that if you treat prisoners like they are human beings worthy of respect and love, they will grow and learn.

I watched a YouTube video about a paradise prison in Venezuela. A former druglord is their warden. The prisoners have barbeques regularly , enjoying the gated outdoors, a swimming pool, they receive visitors, have pets, some paint and others have their own constructive hobbies. One inmate did something bad and the warden had holes drilled through his hands. That may seem cruel, but do you know what, it is one of the best run and least problematic prison facilities in the world. The prisoners behave because they have a good life inside prison, but if they misbehave, the penalty is severe. I think that system comes far closer to being right than America's failing and inhumane prison system that locks people away and lets them rot in misery.

If I had to choose, I'd pattern America's prisons after the paradise prison in Venezuela, rather than lock men in cages and abuse them to make their victims happy. Retaliation, vengeance and hurting others is not justice, it is no better than the bloody Serbian war in 1992 that led to the rape-warfare and systematic raping of children, and the mass-murdering genocide of 200,000 PEOPLE!!! They did that to each other! Americans today are some of the most vengeful and vindictive people on earth, and it is not God's way. In Venezuela, husbands and wives are still able to be together romantically, not forever taken away from each other like in America. The United States is a hell-hole of abuse, torture, vengeance and inhumane treatment of each other. And Godless Americans enjoy it! If we would treat our worst of society with love and respect—tough love, not pampering them—then they can be rehabilitated.

Here is solid proof that educating inmates and treating them like humans pays off!

If I read correctly, the nation of Norway is also kind to their prisoners, with a 20-year max prison sentence for murder. Because the inmates are treated humanely, most of them show appreciation and are compelled to straighten up. They are trained, taught a trade in prison, and rehabilitated to make them assets when returned to society. In the U.S., we lock men away and don't give them any kind of life, expect the gang-culture within the prison ranks. America's prisons are institution of crime. Bible-preaching is not allowed. Without Jesus Christ, how can men truly be changed from their criminal minds? They cannot!

Certainly, the victims of their crimes would enjoy as much suffering as possible, but that is very wrong. You wouldn't feel that way if it were your own family or you. Then you would beg for leniency from the judge. In the Holy Bible there were three ways of dealing with crime: you were executed, you were publickly beaten, or you paid a fine. Prisons are unbiblical, needlessly costing citizens money to support them, a burden to society, and a sure way of creating monsters by inhumanely mistreated inmates. If you're going to have prisons, I believe the inmates should be given a quality of life were incarcerated. And I mean a very decent quality of life. I don't think inmates should have televisions or video games, but they should have a social life.

If I had my way, I would build a city behind bars, where inmates could shop, attend church, go to a restaurant and live a normal life behind bars, instead of locking men up 23 hours day in cages. That's no better than the Japanese 721 torture labs in WWII. It is wicked and evil to lock a man in a cage 23 hours a day. God created man a little lower than the angels, and no man, even the worst criminal, should be locked up like an animal. And for that matter, I am 100% against locking up any animal in a cage too. It is cruel and mean. God said that in eternity He will judge men according to how they treated others (Matthew 7:1-2). Thus, a lot of legislatures, judges, wardens, political leaders and everyone involved in the abusive prison system will be inhumanely mistreated by God. People just don't care about others today.

Prisoners are broken, not bad. They need help. It is against the law in America to preach the Word of God to prisoners, but it's that very lack of preaching that got them there in the first place. Men and women need the Holy Bible. Children need the Word of God. Since 1963 the Word of God and prayer have been removed and banned from America's classrooms by the U.S. Supreme Court. Now our prisons are overflowing with those godless children who've grown up into criminals. The people running the prison system are heartless, indifferent, insane, thugs. Their answer is to fight fire with fire, abuse the abusive, and hurt men by locking them into solitary confinement for a year at a time. That's unthinkable! All that is doing is enraging, harming and pushing men to snap under mentally insane torture. I'm surprised they don't all go bizzerk! In America, we make TV shows of men snapping under such inhumane conditions in prison, as a form of laughable entertainment, when Americans ought to be angry and outraged at this ongoing evil.

Without compassion, no one can make a difference. The Bible commands Christians to remember those in prison, and to reach out to them. Hebrews 13:3, “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” Literally, America houses 25% of the world's prison inmates, but we only have 5% of the world's population living here. Land of the free? What a misnomer! What a lie! What a joke! America is very much a rising police state!!!

If we obeyed God and executed murderers, rapists, homosexuals, pedophiles and kidnappers, our nation wouldn't be so messed up today in 2015. I believe in work for prisoners. Locking a man in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day doesn't help him. He needs to work. God made men to work, so we can sleep, and so we can feel a sense of accomplishment, and so we can have something to do. An idle mind is the Devil's workshop. It costs $41,800 a year to house a prisoner. It costs $800 to educate one to get a job. Uneducated prisoners have a return rate to prison of 78%. Educated inmates have a 22% return rate. It's common sense! Some problematic prisoners cost the system over a million dollars a year to house, because of their mental instability and health problems.

We don't need prisons! We need capitol punishment. We need public beatings. We need to force people to repay their debts and repay their victims. Liberals, leftists and Communists want prisons. Who pays for it? That's right, taxpayers! In America, we lock up children! Over 2,200 youth under the age of 18 in the U.S. are behind bars for life!!! In the rest of the world there are only 12 kids in prison for life. America is a prisonhouse! Our immoral culture and selfish society just doesn't care about the people who fall between the cracks of society. Some states locks up over 1,000 children each year for minor things such as truancy. That is ridiculous. We need to put the Holy Bible back into public schools, and remove that bogus crap of Evolution.

The Caucasian rich are indifferent, alleging that if one black kid can make it, they all can. That's simply not true. African-Americans need a crutch to help them. Kids need a decent education. I am against Affirmative Action laws that rob the rich to pay the poor. What we need is Bible preaching in the churches, teaching Americans to love one another. Our large cities are too large. The greatest thing we could do in America to reduce crime is tear down all the housing projects. We need to legally ban slumlords and big 1,000 unit housing projects. Such places are hot spots for every form of crime, drugs and gang activity.

Every child should know what it's like to grow up in a home. Greed has destroyed America! Over 40% of the wealth in the U.S. is owned by less than the top 1%. That is not capitalism, that is Communist deindustrialization (sending jobs to foreign soil), a rigged money system (the fraudulent Federal Reserve Banks) and corporate monopolies that force mom-and-pop places out of business. That is not capitalism, and without tampering from a Godless government bureaucracy these injustices couldn't happen. The top wealthy 1% in America got rich by hurting other people with the government's help, plain and simple. There's nothing wrong with capitalism in a truly free and honest society. Capitalism cannot work in a funny money system that is based upon corruption and greed owned and run by an international banking cabal.

And furthermore, the CIA is infamously known for drug-trafficking and gun-running into the United States. Over half of all Americans incarnated behind bars are there for drug-related crimes. Many robberies, murders and an epidemic of prostitution is because of drug-addiction. The CIA is behind most of it. Hundreds of books and video documentaries are available on the subject. Cocaine generates billions of dollars a year in profit for the gangs. Mexico alone boasts of a $58,000,000,000 a year illegal cocaine industry in the United States. The world's largest supplier of heroine is from the country of Afghanistan, whose government was overthrown and replaced with Illuminati puppets during the Iraqi War, which was launched by criminal President George W. Bush. What injustice! Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan have been overthrown, now totally controlled by the globalists behind the New World Order.

Federal minimum-mandatory laws in America lock people away for decades over minor drug offences. Judges claim they are simply doing their jobs, meaning that there really is no justice. The system has become a big unstoppable monster! The federal government locks people away for decades for nothing more than crossing state lines when no crime has been committed at a state level. I think that is injustice. If the state doesn't convict, neither should the federal government. Our prison system is run amuck. People in prison need everyone's help, and most should be released. Everyone locked in prison for drug offenses ought to be released.

Thousands of people who are released from prison, end up back in prison over technical violations (failure to meet their release conditions). Such violations might include missing a session of drug-counseling, staying out after curfew, missing a day at school, not showing up for a job interview, or any one of hundreds of possible violations. Oftentimes it is because the released inmate didn't have enough money for transportation, became sick or couldn't find a job. The courts are merciless! So those folks end up back in prison, some for years and even decades. America's court system is out of control, lacking understanding of what they are doing, hurting people instead of helping. Most people in prison are locked up for upsetting the law, not because they are dangerous to society. They shouldn't be incarcerated.

Once convicted with a felony, it's almost impossible to find a business that will hire you. You are no longer eligible for social security assistance, workers compensation, disability or any other type of government help. Once convicted of a felony, your life is over in America. The U.S. is one of the most retarded, unfair and difficult nations in the world to live after becoming a felon. Why does the government throw felons into prison for years and decades, and then release them with no skills, no money, no transportation, no job, no way of surviving? Literally, many homeless people on the streets of America are convicted felons who just couldn't make it on their own.

And may I say, being a convicted felon is not as bad as it sounds in many cases. One man in Florida was charged with a felony for releasing a dozen helium balloons for his fiancée. A state trooper cited him for contaminating the environment. That's insane!!!

When I was a kid in the 1970s and 1980's, we had M-80 firecrackers. They were illegal then, but available in Kentucky and other places. Most regular Class C fireworks were illegal then too (except sparklers and smoke bombs) All firecrackers were illegal, but the police didn't say anything on the 4th of July. M-80's were powerful enough to blow your hand off if you held it when it exploded. A friend got some for me. They were really loud! I loved them! I had M-100's and Silver Salutes (M-250's) too! Many people had these class B fire-workers on the 4th of July. At worst, the police would usually confiscate your fireworks and take them home for their own kids (I know because my friend's dad was a cop). Today, lighting an M-80 is a felony! It's considered an act of terrorism! My how times have changed. Needless to say, I stopped lighting off fireworks a very long time ago. People drink beer and get stupid, throwing fireworks unintentionally at children, which is why most fireworks have been made illegal in all American cities.

Granted, violent offenders need to be help in custody, for the safety of the public. Such offenders need to be rehabilitated through chain gangs, taught to work hard and become honest citizens again, but you've got to teach them God's Word. Every prisoner should have a Holy Bible and be continually encouraged to read, study and relish it, for only thought the inspired Words of God can any man truly be changed. I love people, and my heart breaks when I see prison documentaries. There are hundreds of prison documentaries available on YouTube. You should watch some of them and see how the system works. I am not in favor of criminals, but the worst criminals in our society are the corrupt government officials, prison CEO's, CIA and other complicit groups which compel people to commit crimes, buy drugs, sell drugs, and profit from locking people behind bars.

Albert Einstein was right when he said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.” Something drastically needs to change in America. I dare you to research “prison profits” on the internet and you'll be shocked. Literally, the prison companies want people locked up for as long as possible, so they can make a lot more money. It is evil beyond description. Hell will be hot enough! My heart goes out to all the victims of America's cruel and abusive prison system. If you think it is good to abusive prisoners, then don't you dare complain when one of those abused people hurt you when they are released. You asked for it. No one deserves to be hurt or abused, and I'm not saying that, God forbid. I am saying that if you mistreat people who are already having a bad life, it's just like mistreating dogs, who will become vicious and dangerous for anyone to be around.

But then again, what should we expect from a nation that has murdered over 57,000,000 human beings in the womb since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973? We are an insane nation that professes to value life, while we have hypocritically murdered more human beings by abortion than all American war casualties combined over the past two centuries. We do not value life in America. Thus, this same indifference and neglect of human life in the womb has overflowed into our prison system. If Americans don't care at all about helpless human beings in the womb, then they certainly won't care about convicted criminals behind bars either! As a born-again Christian, I care about everyone. If I see the gross injustice, being the sinful human being that I am, then do you really think that our holy God in Heaven has missed any of it. Hebrews 4:13, “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.”

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