God Made Amazing Fingerprints And Fingernails

By David J. Stewart | October 2015 | Updated June 2016

Psalms 139:14, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

       God is so amazing! I was thinking today about how humans have fingerprints and fingernails. Why did God create these? Sadly, I searched the internet and most websites attributed these amazing little creations to the bogus lies of Evolution instead of God. I'm so glad that I believe the Holy Bible. I truly feel sorry for unbelievers who have to explain everything from an atheist's point of view, grappling senselessly for answers without God.

Fingernails help the hands to grip things, and also to start rips and tears. Could you imagine having a horrible itch and not being able to scratch it without fingernails? No doubt that's one purpose for which God created them. Also, nails allow humans to perform a variety of delicate manipulations with the hands. Toenails may not be quite as useful, but when a person imagines the feet as hands, their presence makes much more sense. I saw a woman on Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not, a mother, who lost both arms. She drove with her feet, washed dishes with her feet, changed diapers with her feet and did everything that most people do with their arms. It was truly amazing!

Why did God give us fingernails? I believe one reason is because they look good. God put the finishing touches on our human bodies. But there certainly must also be practical purposes. They are tools, used to clean our scalp and skin. Fingernails allow us to open a soda-can pull-lid or remove some plastic wrap from a store-bought product. I think another reason for nails is to protect the fingers, with the harder nail material. Medical professionals can determine if your body's oxygen level is low, if your fingertips turn white. White spots underneath the nails can also be indicative of a calcium deficiency in your diet. Also, if you've ever smashed a finger (as I have), then you know that after a few days, the nail comes off completely and then slowly grows back. This allows the finger to breathe so-to-speak, to permit fluids to leak out from swelling during the healing process. This also allows a cracked or broken fingernail, which could never repair itself, to be completely replaced.

Also, fingernails make great guitar or harp picks to play a musical instrument. Professional classical-guitar performers prefer the natural feel and sound of using their fingernails to pluck the nylon strings. I believe that the nails also assist the opposite fleshly side of the finger to feel, by providing a solid backing. I'm certainly no expert on human anatomy, but common sense tells us some of the obvious functions of the finger nails. God truly is incredibly amazing!

Did you know that at just 8 weeks of pregnancy in its mother's womb from conception, a child has fingerprints? Yes, it is true, the very same fingerprints they will have at age 80. A baby in the womb has fingerprints!!! If evolution were true, why would our human bodies have fingerprints? Evolution couldn't do that? Could evolution produce the hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats that we all so much enjoy? Not a chance! Only a complete fool questions the existence of God. Just open your eyes!

I had my appendix removed in 1999, and my surgeon said that the organ didn't serve any purpose anyway. Many doctors believe that the appendix is merely a “vestigial organ” which serves no purpose. However, just recently researchers at Duke University Medical Center have discovered that the appendix does indeed serve a purpose, which is to reboot the body's digestive system when the good bacteria are destroyed due to disease, et cetera. The appendix harbors some of the good bacteria until the body can return to normal. Evolutionists claim that our cavemen ancestors needed the appendix to process raw foods, but it is no longer needed. I know that is not true, because there's no such thing as “cavemen.” Archaeologists still haven't found their alleged Neanderthal man (half man/half ape). Bologna! I don't have to be a highly-trained surgeon to know that God made everything for a purpose! God made everything for a purpose, including every human-being. If you have a pulse, you have a purpose!!! Our fingernails and fingerprints were made for specific purposes.

It was in 1910 that the first criminal was caught by using fingerprints left in paint to identify him. Today, modern forensics is nothing less than totally amazing. Albeit, for 5,900 years of human civilization, fingerprints served a much more practical purpose, which is to enable humans to “feel” things, down to the most delicate sensation. The ridges in the outer layers of skin and epidermis provide sensors. This allows us to feel things as tiny as a speck of dust or the cold feeling of a snowflake.

I wrote this article to praise God, bragging on what He does; but I also wrote this article to expose the satanic fraud of Evolution. Our American society has overwhelmingly embraced the massive hoax of Evolution, which is a cruel tool of Communist indoctrination perpetrated upon innocent children. It's amazing how foolish we are as a people in the United States. If a person were to physically harm a child in a playground, that person would face the wrath of the court system. Yet, when evil people harm children by filling their minds with the blatant lies of Evolution, to intentionally remove God from their education, no one perceives it as a deadly threat. Evolution is a deadly poison, which brainwashes children to think that there is no God, robbing them of any moral compass in their life. Our same rotten government that denies children the moral teachings of the Holy Bible, eagerly incarcerates those children when they commit horrible sins as adults. The Holy Bible is the very basis of all true morality, apart from which the only moral standard becomes man's selfish and insane thinking.

What kind of monstrous society legally permits the murder of children in the womb? Yes, I am preaching against the evils of abortion!!! Preaching against women wearing pants is scoffed at these days, but it is this same lack of moral excellence that is the foundation of our adulterous, murderous and irresponsible society in America.

When Walt Disney teaches children and teens that it's OK to fornicate in premarital-sex, but it is sinful according to God (Hebrews 13:4). The present CEO of Walt Disney is an open homosexual, which is a sin (Leviticus 20:13). Disney's former CEO estimated that 40% of Walt Disney's 163,000 employees at the time were homosexuals. I am not condemning anyone, I'm simply warning parents that children and teens are being influenced by homosexuals. I am warning teenagers about the satanic Walt Disney empire, which intends to homosexualize our youth. Walt Disney's plan is simple—produce both good family movies and bad family movies—that way families will accept the bad ones because of the good ones.

God is truly awesome!!! Praise the Lord all ye earth! The Lord is worthy of our love, admiration and respect. Who is a God like unto our God? What God pardoneth iniquity like our God? Thank God for His wondrous blessings and marvellous creation! When a man truly humbles himself in his heart, he clearly sees the hand of God in all of creation. It is only intellectual gibberish, Satan, sinful pride and the wickedness of the human heart that blind men from the goodness and omnipotence of our great God and Savior.

No two fingerprints are the same. God made us all uniquely individual. We are born as individuals. We die as individuals. We will be judged in eternity as individuals (Romans 14:10-12). Accepting or rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior is an individual decision. Everyone must make this decision. No one can escape it. What is your decision? Where will you spend eternity? END

“Nobody can love God who doesn't love sinners!”
(a quote by Dr. Jack Hyles classic MP3 sermon, “The Happiest Man” (happiest is the man who will not impute sin to others!)

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