Ladies, Conceal Don't Reveal
...And Don't Dress Like a Man!

by David J. Stewart | November 2016

1st Peter 2:11, “Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.”

       The Holy Bible teaches in our text Verse that the lusts of the flesh “WAR AGAINST THE SOUL.” It is a battle to be sexually pure in America's sexually perverted culture. You cannot go anywhere these days as man without being taunted, teased and tempted by immodestly clothed females. The tragic thing is that women in independent Baptist churches often don't dress any better than the sinful world—wearing halter tops, blue jeans, leggings and other immodest and masculine clothing. The issue goes much further than Christian women wearing pants. It's a matter of maintaining the distinction between the sexes, which has been blurred by the unisex movement across America. Men ought to be decisive, rugged, tough and masculine. Ladies ought to be submissive, shamefaced, sweet, soft and feminine.

Here is a sad example of how women have lost their femininity. This is the female assistant police chief of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, police department. She looks, talks and thinks like A MAN!!! She looks rugged and tough. She is not dressed like a lady. She is decisive, bold and loud, like a man. I am not belittling her, I am just making a valid point how that women today have lost their femininity. All across America, women are becoming manly, and men are wimping out to become feminine. This is the work of Luciferians and their boss, Satan (2nd Corinthians 4:4).

I love the picture to the left, which is from the early twentieth century in America. It is disturbing how our nation has crumbled in just one century. We've lost our moral compass in America. Please listen to the MP3 sermon, UNISEX (Dr. Jack Hyles; The unisex perversion sweeping America is a sign of the end times). It is shameful how American women dress these days. Literally, women would have been arrested a century ago for the way many of them dress today.

No woman should ever wear leggings in public. They are extremely revealing. Unbelievably, Bob Jones University hypocritically permits their female students to wear halter tops in public, but only if they wear a jacket and don't remove it! That is so foolish. What are the chances that a young lady will be too warm and need to remove her jacket, or need to remove her jacket for any one of a hundred reasons? That's like saying it's OK not to wear any clothes, just so long as you wear an overcoat and don't take it off. What a joke!

How important is modesty? In a Moody Bible Institute Monthly article, A. R. Funderburk, said that “the present style of dress” worn by young women “tends to destroy the sense of modesty that God has implanted in the heart of every woman.” Without that sense of modesty, Funderburk feared, “she is left defenseless, and it is an easy matter for the Devil in the form of a human friend to rob her of a priceless jewel.” (SOURCE: A. R. Funderburk, “Serving the God of Fashion,” Moody Bible Institute Monthly, 500). In other words, a young woman who lacks a sense of modesty is far more likely to have premarital sex and destroy her life and testimony. That's how important modesty is!

Hollywood and television are some of the Devil's most effective weapons against humanity. For the past 50 years Hollywood has ridiculously portrayed women bossing men around, single-handedly defeating ten men in hand-to-hand combat, leading male armies to victory, outsmarting men, giving orders to men, bashing husbands, and being authoritative. This is all sinful. This is all fantasy, not reality. Such brainwashing propaganda has indoctrinated women with silly ideas, confusing youth, blurring the lines of distinction between the sexes. This didn't happen overnight. It has been a long progressive trend downward in America.

In 1921, Margaret C. Worthington, writing for the Moody Bible Institute Monthly, compared current immodest women's apparel to “grave clothes,” worn by the dead in the tomb (SOURCE: Moody Bible Institute Monthly; October 1921: #617). That was back in 1921! My how times have changed. Immodest clothing destroys a woman's natural modesty. It also ruins men's morals. America's children have been without a moral compass in the classroom since 1963 when the Holy Bible was removed and banned. I am shocked, and so should every Christian and decent parent in America, over the sexually explicit content of the music videos of Taylor Swift (a little devil slut). From Adam's rib to women's lib, America has gone to Hell! America's school children long ago were taught HOW TO THINK, but for the past half century have been taught WHAT TO THINK!

The Bible speaks of the “attire” of a prostitute (i.e., harlot). It doesn't say that she's a prostitute, it says she's dressed like a prostitute. The Bible doesn't mention any money involved. She's an adulterer. She is clothed immodestly. The way that a woman dresses matters tremendously. Proverbs 7:10, “And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.” She was subtle of heart. The word “subtle” is the Hebrew word “natsar” which means “to conceal.” Her true intentions were hidden. Proverbs 7:25-27, “Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths. For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.” Romans 6:23a, “For the wages of sin is death.”

Pants On Women - Is That All There Is To It?

Same-sex marriage, mothers no longer working in the home, families going their separate ways with no time together, the feminization of men, the masculinization of women. These are the things I see as I look out over the landscape of our country. I find myself asking, “Where has manhood gone?” and "Where has femininity gone?"

As I read the messages preached and the books written by my mentor, Dr. Jack Hyles, I sense in him a concern for the direction in which our country was moving with regards to manhood and womanhood. He even preached a sermon, which later was published in booklet form, on the subject of the unisex movement.

Today we seldom even think about it yet so many of the things about which he warned us have now come true and for the most part we have accepted them. We have lost the distinction between the sexes. We've lost the pride of masculinity and femininity. In fact, society derides both.

Perhaps nothing has brought more criticism to Dr. Hyles than did his strict position on women wearing pants for those in church leadership. He never wavered on that position, however he never treated women who wore pants with disrespect or unkindness. He NEVER made the issue of a woman wearing pants as proof of whether or not she was a Christian, or whether or not she loved the Lord. The issue really was not as much about the individual as it was with the whole.

He saw us moving away from the distinctiveness of the sexes towards a homogenous sameness that he felt was wrong. He saw the issue in ways that others did not. It was more of a philosophy that he preached. Deuteronomy 22:5 meant more to him than just a matter of women wearing pants. It stood for something much bigger. It stood for the fact that men should dress like men and women like women. Even in Bible days the distinctions were very clear and he wanted for them to remain clear in our day.

Did we somehow become lost and confused as to what the issue was really about? Does it really not matter if men dress differently than women and women than men? Is it really important that there be a distinctiveness between masculinity and femininity? The issue wasn't as much about pants as it was principle. He was looking at a much bigger picture than most. Perhaps we saw the issue to vaguely. Perhaps we missed the point entirely.

Many men who once agreed on the issue of pants have now changed their position. Perhaps the position was too small or too narrow in the first place. Perhaps pants in and of themselves was not the issue. Perhaps the real issue was the matter of the distinctiveness between the attire of men and women. Pants gave us a focal point for the real issue, which was that men ought to dress like men and women like women.

Has that changed? Does it matter? Should we care if boys dress like girls? Should it matter to us if girls dress like boys? Is it really relevant? There has always been a focal issue that rallied us behind a principle. Long hair on men rallied us against rebellion, which was the bigger issue. Pants was the focal point for the principle of women not dressing like men. Yet when it comes to the issue of women wearing pants we seem to have missed the point. What is the point? The point is the Bible principle.

What is the Bible principle? The principle is that men should dress like men and women should dress like women. Has that changed or is the Bible still true? Should men wear clothing that pertains to a woman? Should women wear clothing that pertains to a man?

If you are an honest person you will have to admit that females in public have taken the half off sale seriously. Hip hugging skinny jeans revealing mid riffs. I travel every week of the world around this great nation of ours. It is embarrassing for a man who is doing the best he can to keep his heart right with all of the female flesh on display.

Then I go into some of our churches and find myself wondering who is standing for the Bible principle of distinction in God's house. The decline of American morality is reflected in our distinction. The decline of our churches is also reflected in our dress distinction. 50 years ago it was not so in public and for sure it was not so in our churches.

The Mrs. Cleaver look was in almost every home in 1950's. Not so in either the home or the house of God, in a lot of cases, in this new Millennium. If God wanted a distinction in the Old Testament how much more does He desire it in the New Testament.

Murder was brought to a higher level and was identified in the word "hate." (Matthew 5:21-22) Adultery was brought to a higher level by Jesus Himself in the New Testament to the word "lust." (Matthew 5:28) This "second mile" level we find in the New Testament I am afraid is certainly not prevalent in this new Millennium.

Distinction was brought to a higher level in the New Testament. (I Timothy 2:9) Deuteronomy 22:5 has been elevated to "modest" clothing. No skinny jeans here! The Bible principle is for today.

So, if the principle is still true why are we criticizing those who took a stand regarding women wearing pants? I for one must allow others to disagree on the issue, but I'm concerned when they ignore the importance of the Bible principle upon which we built that position. If we lose the principle then we lose the purity of the Scripture.

If we begin to criticize those who took a stand then we should be explaining how we then are carrying out that principle. What should women wear that which a man shouldn't? What should men wear that women shouldn't? Does it matter? It has to because it is covered in his word.

Should we fight over the issue of pants? No, however many of the ones who are fighting the most are the ones who are fighting against those who took or still take that stand. I do not fight the women who wear pants or the preachers who allow it nearly as much as they fight me.

They don't know my heart because they haven't taken the time to understand why I take my position. My position on this issue is based on principle not preference. I am tolerant of those who disagree with my application but should we be tolerant to those who ignore the principle entirely?

The principle is not up for debate, so why would you criticize my commitment to a principle even though you may not like my application of that principle? The principle is that men are to dress like men and women like women and there must be some distinction.

What is the distinction? If you tell me my position is wrong then simply explain to me what the distinction is that you are making between the attire of men and the attire of women. I'll be satisfied with that.

If you're going to criticize me because I have put some kind of distinction into the principle then tell me what your distinction is based upon that same principle. Whether Deuteronomy 22:5 means pants on women or not it must mean something? What does it mean? Explain it.

Don't tell me that men wore robes in the Bible as your excuse? Trust me, the attire of men and the attire of women in those days was very distinctive. There was no question as to what was a man's clothing and what was a woman's clothing. My challenge to you is not proof of whether pants on women is right or wrong but whether or not you know what it means to you.

Let's face it the breaking down between the sexes has taken place. We no longer have the distinctions we once had between men and women including the way they dress. Dr. Hyles and others warned us of this danger more than they warned us of women wearing pants. He warned us of the danger of losing the distinction between the sexes. Pants was a symptom of the issue, but many have turned this against those who warned of the true danger.

We've been called legalists because of a standard based upon a Scriptural principle found in Deuteronomy 22:5. We were not trying to set the standard for everyone. There was a time when public schools made the same distinction and female students were prohibited from wearing pants. There was a time when only women that society considered loose wore pants.

I'm not suggesting that's true today, but what I am suggesting there is a Bible principle that we are not discussing honestly. Those who take a position are being ridiculed by those who have no position on a very clear principle.

I remember in 1959 when the PTA of our public school held a meeting discussing whether or not they should promote a "Slack Friday" for the girl students. I have often wondered why they did not allow "Skirt Friday" for the boy students? Now in the public work places it is "Slack Week."

Tell me pastor what should women wear, or does it matter? What should men wear? Does it matter? This is not legalism. This is applying principles to our lives. There's a legitimate reason that we took the positions we took. I'm saddened by the condition of our country, but I am not surprised. Same sex marriage is a result of the casual way we have dealt with issues in our country and even in many churches.

This smacks of a "oneness" move in fundamentalism that wants to absorb all issues into a "distinctness lessoning" position. I read the BLOGS and it worries me that if you take a contrary stand or an aggressive stand on issues you are causing the cause to not dwell in unity. We are not Catholics! We are not a part of a "universal body." When the cause becomes greater than the truth we are on a downward spiral spiritually.

We are a nation that has completely lost its mind and its morality. Yet we are criticizing men who say women shouldn't wear pants, because women are commanded to dress differently than men? How dare you be so concerned about a man who preaches against women wearing pants that you neglect to acknowledge that the distinction between the sexes has been broken. Yet, it is a distinction God gave us.

So, now I put the responsibility back on your shoulders. Tell us what to do? If there's no problem then there's nothing to worry about, but I think we all know there is a problem. Dr. Hyles was right. The unisex movement is a satanic pursuit to blur the lines between the roles and identity of men and women. How do we fix it? What's the standard going to be? Is there going to be no standard? I think it's time to give it a second thought.

If the pastor's wife has no distinction in her dress, then no wonder the pastor has lock-jaw and is like the Antarctica and frozen at the mouth. This makes it difficult to lead a local church let alone a movement.

Christians who believe in traditional marriage were shocked at the in your face sodomy display at the NFL draft. The truth is they may have to look in the mirror and figure out what happened to the distinction of the sexes as having laid the foundation for this and other woes. This is NOT hate speech, this is Scriptural speech. We are losing ground because we have lost the distinctiveness God gave us!

God bless Dr. Gray Sr., that is some great wisdom! The Holy Bible teaches in Galatians 5:14, “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Very few people are truly born-again believers today. And of those people who are saved, few truly love their neighbour as their self, evidenced by how we treat OTHERS. When a Christian woman wears promiscuous clothing, she is causing lust in men. Seductive, suggestive and lewd apparel makes it difficult for men to live right. A godly woman doesn't want that innocent blood on her hands. If you dress improperly ladies, then you have to answer to God for the broken marriages, sexual sins and divorces that you help cause.

In Matthew 12:36 Jesus warned that God the Father records every word that men speak, for which we must all give account on day in eternity. Do you think God doesn't care about the manner in which you ladies dress? I know He does care. Deuteronomy 22:5 forbids women from wearing men's clothing, such as pants. 1st Timothy 2:9 commands Christian women to dress modestly. Halter tops, leggings, low-cut blouses, tight pants, mini-skirts and spandex are not modest! And even if the pants seem modest, they are still men's clothing. Just because some homosexual designer makes women's pants, doesn't mean that pants are OK for ladies. They are not OK! If you love your neighbour as yourself, then you won't help contribute to the fleshly WAR AGAINST THE SOUL (1st Peter 2:11).

“Every word in this Bible is inspired by God almighty!”
—Dr. Jack Hyles (a great quote from the classic sermon, “A Friend At Midnight.”)

Psalms 116:15, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”

“The only inspired Words of God are in the King James Bible!”
—Dr. Jack Hyles (an awesome quote —Dr. Jack Hyles (THE REAL BATTLE!”)

BATTLE OF THE AGES (MP3 by Dr. Hyles, “The King James Bible crowd is going to come out on top!”)

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