I Love You All At Harvest Baptist Church On Guam

by David J. Stewart | May 2020

John 13:35, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

       I've been intensifying my spiritual battle position, building more tanks, preparing for the long-haul war. I really want to make peace with Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” I am a fighter, but we should be working together, not against each other. For my Harvest friends who may be reading. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! More than you could ever know. Why do you think I want to come back so bad? My heart has been at Harvest since 2014, and it ain't leaving. You can be cruel and keep shunning me away, but my heart is at Harvest. And not just because of the woman I've been in love with, but the people and pastors of Harvest as well.

I can respect the pastors if I choose to. Respectfully, it's hard for me to respect pastors who have been ostracizing me for the past six years! I want to be a blessing at Harvest. Humbly, I'm a Hyles-Anderson College graduate (1985-1993). That at least qualifies me to clean toilets...lol. I offer my services voluntarily to help the church in any capacity. I'll gladly clean smelling dirty toilets if that's what your church needs. I can agree to disagree if you'll let me be a part of the church family. I want to be a servant at Harvest and help out any way I can. Is that so bad? I simply need a church family. I'm sure most of my web visitors can understand that. All of my articles against Harvest is just a hurting man crying out for a church to embrace him with God's love, as I have them since 2014. They won't do it and and it grieves my heart.

If and when youse guys ever decide to let me come back (hopefully by the time Jesus returns), I'll do what is required to make peace with the church. Talk is cheap, so I don't make a lot of promises. However, if Harvest ever lets me come back to be a part of their church family, I will gladly remove every criticism about Harvest from my websites. I won't remove the stuff about Bob Jones University. I'd only do that if I married a BJU gal. Then I'd have to...lol. I also promise not to be a root of bitterness in the church, and will never bad mouth any pastor at any time. That's my second promise. And the third and last promise, is that I won't put the church's name back on the internet, no matter what happens. I am trusting Harvest to do the right thing.

I am humbly, for the umpteenth time, asking for a second chance. You can e-mail me at my Blogspot, or Facebook, put a note by my door, or come over and talk with me when you see me, or you can run me off the road with your car...lol (okay maybe not that). Someone keeps calling and not leaving messages. Hmmm. It makes me feel special...lol. All I can do is love you folks at Harvest, pray for you, love you and hope someday you'll work with me. I am who I am, love me or hate me. I am a loving person, harmless and caring. I am very sensitive, but that is what makes me care so much. I DO CARE!

I love Harvest Baptist Church and need your family's love, but if the answer is still no, then I have no reason not to keep preaching against the church for the reasons they drove me out, and have refused my requests to return. I say that kindly. I really am a friendly man, and I don't hold grudges. Jesus taught me that! I am like Nathaniel, Jesus said there was no guile in him. My heart has always been at Harvest, so if you want me, I'm yours; and if you don't, well then you're still stuck with me on the internet, because I can't stop writing about the place my heart wants to be, even if it means exposing the Devil in your church. That is love!


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