Bob Jones University Promotes Devil Martin Luther

by David J. Stewart | May 2020

Galatians 1:6-8, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

       Dr. Ed Panosian is touted as a hero at Bob Jones University, who chaired the history department at BJU for 50 years. Dr. Steve Pettit shamefully calls Dr. Panosian “one of the most renowned church historians in the nation over the past 50 years!” Kindly, Dr. Panosian is evidently ignorant of the deadly doctrines of Martin Luther!!! Panosian does a woeful injustice to the 2,700 students of BJU by idolizing a wicked man in their eyes, who ought to be exposed for the damnable heretic he was (and still is)!!!

At age 87, Dr. Panosian still hasn't figured out that Martin Luther (1483-1546) was an unsaved reprobate who led millions of people into the fires of Hell, and is still damning MILLIONS of souls into Hell today!!! Why would BJU praise such a devil as Martin Luther?

First, let's read from Mr. Luther's Small Catechism, and see what he teaches about water baptism...

“What benefits does Baptism give?

It works forgiveness of sins, rescues from death and the devil, and gives eternal salvation to all who believe this, as the words and promises of God declare.”

SOURCE: 'The Sacrament of Baptism' (Luther's small catechism)

Water baptism gives eternal salvation? Whoa! What a demonic lie!!! Luther preached another gospel! Why does BJU bid Godspeed to him? Job 32:9, “Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment.” Do you realize that even quotes Martin Luther as an authority to affirm that water baptism is required for salvation!!! Catholics love Martin Luther, because he taught the damnable heresy of Baptismal Regeneration! What is wrong with Dr. Panosian? Why does BJU bid Godspeed to this wicked heretic! I'm listening to 'The Daily Platform' (BJU chapel sermons). I've got about a hundred articles to write! WHAT HERESY AT BJU!!! Martin Luther was allegedly saved in the year 1517, but he wrote this catechism 12 years later in 1529. Mr. Luther taught the damnable heresy of 'Baptismal Regeneration' up until his death in 1546, and then he went to burn in Hell forever!!! No one goes to Heaven who adds water baptism to the Gospel of free grace. Please read:

Martin Luther: Master Of Deceit (a free insightful .PDF book by Pastor Max D. Younce)

Now, Dr. Ed Panosian presents the life of Martin Luther (speaking as if he were Mr. Luther himself in this chapel talk at Bob Jones University on April 22, 2020; 'The Daily Platform' #713). Not one mention is made by Dr. Panosian about Luther's damnable heresy! Not one mention is made of his unscriptural creepy devotion to Mary. Dr. Panosian doesn't mention Luther's Sacramental Salvation, that he required keeping the Holy Communion to get to Heaven. For a man who is considered a legend at Bob Jones University, who has been bragged on as one of the most renowned historians in our nation over the past 50 years, it just shows how utterly and woefully IGNORANT both Dr. Steve Pettit and Dr. Ed Panosian are about history!!! Dr. Panosian is now infamous!!! He is a historical idiot!

“What is the benefit of this eating and drinking?
These words, “Given and shed for you for the forgiveness of sins,” show us that in the Sacrament forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation are given us through these words. For where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation.”

SOURCE: 'The Sacrament of Baptism' (Luther's small catechism)

Really? What was Mr. Luther smoking? Folks, you don't get saved by reciting some words in a religious sacrament! You don't get your sins forgiven through the Lutheran heathen practice of Consubstantiation (i.e., Lutherans believe that eating and drinking during the Holy Communion bestows Christ's life to the believer). Catholics take it a step farther (called Transubstantiation), where they teach what you eat and drink literally turns into Jesus' body and blood in your stomach. That's cannibalism!!! The Holy Bible simply teaches the 'Lord's Supper,' which we 'DO IN REMEMBRANCE' (Luke 22:19) of what Jesus did on the cross to pay for our sins, remembering His precious broken body and shed blood.

Shame on Steve Pettit and Ed Panosian for misleading thousands of BJU students concerning THE TRUTH—the truth that Martin Luther was no hero of the Christian faith! Mr. Luther was famous, he did a lot of work translating the Bible, he did much good, he protested the Roman Catholic church with his 95 Thesis; but the Catholic church never came out of Luther! If you believe Luther was just ignorant and unlearned, then you are a fool! The same foolish argument could be made to justify unsaved Roman Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists and Church of Christ reprobates! These are all damnable false religions!!! Martin Luther is the father of the damnable Lutheran religion! By endorsing Mr. Luther, BJU are bidding Godspeed to his Satanic teachings on Baptismal Regeneration (i.e., Sacramental Salvation). Since they are influencing thousands of students, BJU leaders have an obligation to warn students about false prophets!!!

Dr. Steve Pettit introduced Mr. Panosian as if he were the greatest history scholar who ever lived. Unfortunately, these men are all reprobate heretics themselves, for promoting the biggest HERETIC who ever walked this planet; namely, MARTIN LUTHER (1483-1546). Dr. Steve Pettit is guilty himself of preaching hard core Calvinism to BJU students!!! Dr. Pettit says you cannot merely say, “I got saved!” Pettit says you MUST persevere to stay in 'The Race' (Pettit cites Hebrews 12:1) and faithfully run 'The Race,' so that you will one day receive the “AWARD” of Heaven. Those are his exact terms! What a heretic!!! Eternal life is a free gift, not a stupid award!!! Jesus will give “REWARDS” to faithful saints; but this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the “FREE GIFT” of eternal life (Romans 5:15, 16 and 18). Revelation 22:12, “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Christians are encouraged by the Lord to “lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven” (Matthew 6:19-20). This is DISCIPLESHIP, not SONSHIP (i.e., SALVATION). Rewards are for faithful saints, but this is not the gift of eternal life. Kindly, Steve Pettit is dangerously caught between grace and works!!!

I hate to say it, but Steve Pettit is to the Bob Jones' crowd what Doug Batchelor is to the Seventh-Day Adventist!!! They idolize the man! That is dangerous. At the shameful Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, on their daily KHMG 88.1 FM radio station, they broadcast BJU's 'The Daily Platform,' corrupting the island with all that junk theology. Anything that is not solid Bible teaching is junk theology! Dr. Steve Pettit's requirement to run 'The Race' to be saved is of the Devil!!! The problem is that most Christians do not think objectively. That is, they don't think for themselves. We ought to question everything, like the Bereans did, who “received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11). Bible colleges and churches have gone along to get along for so long with the Martin Luther deception, that no one dares to cry “WOLF!!!” Well I'm crying “WOLF!!!”


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—Pastor Jack Hyles, a quote from the MP3 sermon titled: God's Reversal Of Psalm 51

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