The Holy Bible Has Always Been The Answer

By David J. Stewart | July 2019

Psalms 119:9, "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.”

       As a redeemed child of God, I don't read the news too often, because it is so depressing, and because the Scripture teaches us to think about good, lovely and uplifting things, which I'll discuss more in a bit. If you're like me, once you start reading news stories, you can't stop reading them. It is called “click bait.” The newsmedia know better than anyone how to create alluring captive titles for news articles, which you just have to read. I admit that I find an interesting news story irresistible (and they know it). Thus, I read several dozen news stories today from the New York Daily News, which is rare for me. I was horrified about the tragic stories I read, which all shouted one truth to me loud and clear—THE HOLY BIBLE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE ANSWER!!!

It was 23rd U.S. President Benjamin Harris (1833-1901) who wisely said:

“If you take out of your statutes, your constitution, your family life all that is taken from the Sacred Book, what would there be left to bind society together?” —Benjamin Harrison, Twenty third President

President Harris was wise to realize that without the inspired Words of God (the Sacred Book), nothing remains to bind society together. That is exactly what has gone wrong in the United States! Mankind has always been sinful by nature and prone to wickedness; but when you remove the unchanging SACRED BOOK authored by God from the equation, there is nothing left but sinful human goodness, cruel human mercy, insane human rational, corrupt human justice and conditional human love. Ungodly critics like to find all the failures of Christianity, but the Church on its worst day is far better than the world on its best day! THE HOLY BIBLE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE ANSWER!!!

It was 33rd U.S. President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972, Pastor Jack Hyles' favorite president, who wisely said:

“The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from Exodus and Saint Matthew, from Isaiah and Saint Paul…. If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State!” —Harry Truman, Thirty third President

Our country's 32 U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), wisely said:

“We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic. Where we have been the truest and most consistent in obeying its precepts, we have attained the greatest measure of contentment and prosperity.” —Franklin Roosevelt, Thirty second President

These strong leaders of our nation all understood the importance of the inspired HOLY BIBLE to maintain stability and soundness in our American society. Lest you doubt the veracity of the preceding quotes from our leaders, and doubt what I say as a born-again Christian who fears God, consider the following horrific news stories that I found in today's news...

“Religion starts on the outside, and never gets to the inside; God starts on the inside, and works toward the outside. Grace is an inside worker, because sin is an inside problem.” —Brother Lester Roloff, an awesome quote from the presentation titled, “Hero Of The Faith: Lester Roloff.”

Psalms 25:11, “For thy name's sake, O LORD, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great.”


James 1:12-15, “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

The power of the human mind cannot be overemphasized. All of the crimes and sad stories that I just shared with you from the daily news, testify of the desperate need for the Word of God in our individual lives. I'm not talking about merely becoming familiar with the teachings of the Bible, but clinging to the solemn promises of God. I dare say less than 1% of the earth's population take the Word of God seriously, which is why everything is so messed up on the planet. Dr. Bob Jones Sr. used to wisely say: Behind every tragedy in human character is a slow process of wicked thinking. People don't just go do something crazy, there is a long-standing pattern of neglect of the Word of God, of not reading its pages, of not claiming its promises personally, and of not walking with its holy Author, our great God. Psalms 31:19, “Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!”

The Word of God teaches us to protect our thought life, and to THINK ON THESE THINGS:

Philippians 4:6-9, “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.”

The Devil wants to get us thinking about all the wrong things, to distract us, so we'll be “choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection” (Luke 8:14).

Wrong Thinking Leads to Tragedies in Human Character

Although some people do commit suicide on a whim, it was only because there was a long-term problem in their heart. In the case of the dear woman I mentioned earlier, who sadly commit suicide when her boyfriend was hit and killed by an 18 year old pizza delivery driver, if she hadn't centered her life around her boyfriend, then she would have still had a reason to live and face tomorrow.

By God's wondrous grace, I try to always keep in mind that I am supposed to live for Jesus Christ, and no one else. Years ago I centered my life around my wife, but then she divorced me in 2006. And then I centered my life around my children, but they grew up and went their own ways a few years later. I had no one and almost commit suicide too in 2009, but it was my Christian faith alone that kept me from doing it. You cannot control the mind of the person you choose to marry. If they stray away from the Lord, they are capable of committing the worst sins, just as you, but it is not your fault for what they do, nor they for your sins. When someone decides to file for divorce, they have no one to blame except them self. The choices we make in life from day to day affect our future. It's like stepping on a garden hose—that is, stepping on the hose in front of you eventually affects the flow of water 30 feet away. The same is true of life—the choices that we make today, and the influences which we allow into our mind and heart, and the people whom we decide to associate with, and the type of churches that we attend, and the sins we choose to allow or rid our life of now—will all come back to bless or haunt us down the road!

There's not a day that goes by where I don't suffer in constant chronic pain, and physical burning throughout my nerves. It is medically called stenosis and radiculopathy, which makes me irritable. People don't see what I am going through, so they don't care. Even my family doesn't understand. I stopped wanting to live a long time ago. My wife left me in 2006. The churches I go to are corrupt and don't want me because I am a truth-teller. It get pretty lonely and frustrating sometimes. Professed Christians just don't care! Pastors are the worst—a shameful bunch of money-grabbing parasites! By God's grace I will continue to serve Him, by contending for the faith, and taking life one day at a time in my suffering. If I look at people I get bitter, but if I look at the Savior I stay sweet. Tragedies in human character always begin with WRONG THINKING! You'll never go wrong with the inspired Word of God. Proverbs 3:5-7, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.” Always center your life around the Word of God alone. Your wife or husband will disappoint you. Your children will let you down. Even your pastor and church will let you down. Only the Word of God can satisfy and fulfill your life.

I read a short biography of Audie Murphey (1925-1971) recently, a U.S. soldier and World War II hero who single-handedly held off an entire company of German soldiers at the Colmar Pocket in France in January 1945, then lead a successful counterattack while wounded and out of ammunition. Audie was honored for his bravery abroad and when he returned home. Unfortunately, he had a problem with booze and gambling. His wife divorced him. Audie had PTSD and used drugs to cope. In his autobiography, Audie said something very interesting that convinced me that neither he nor his mother ever found Jesus:

“She died when I was sixteen. She had the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. It reached almost to the floor. She rarely talked; and always seemed to be searching for something. What it was I don't know. We didn't discuss our feelings. But when she passed away, she took something of me with her. It seems I've been searching for it ever since.”

SOURCE: Murphy, Audie (2002) [First published 1949]. “To Hell and Back”; Henry Holt and Co. ISBN 978-0-8050-7086-6.

I am convinced that that “SOMETHING” was the inspired Words of God, the 'GOOD NEWS' of the Lord Jesus Christ. Although I have suffered much in my life—losing my marriage, losing my home, and losing so much along life's hard journey—I am not searching for anything (but a wife would be nice), because I have already found the precious Lord Jesus Christ! I do not have an empty feeling in my soul, only disgust for the emptiness in apostate churches today!

I am quick to admit that I am a woeful sinner, and so are you, if you are an honest person, and have enough spiritual discernment to see your sinfulness in the sight of a holy God! Our standard is not our fellow mankind, but only the inspired Holy Bible! If I read the news, then I feel like a pretty good person, but if I compare myself solely against God's Law, I fall short every time. Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

The churches are no different. Kindly, Harvest Baptist Church on Guam thinks like the Devil. They promote counterfeit Bible versions. They promote unsaved ministers like John MacArthur, who teaches that children cannot be saved, that Jesus' blood is not in Heaven, that works are required for salvation, that Jesus did not have divine blood flowing in His veins, et cetera. Apostate churches think like the Devil, and have become public enemy number one! Occultist Alice Bailey foretold of their Luciferian plot to use the churches to implement their Satanic ideologies! The Bible says that if my sayings agreeing with God's sayings, then I will be justified on judgment day. Romans 3:4, “God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.” The Bible teaches that God only authored ONE BOOK, not 39 versions! Psalms 119:140, “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.” Psalms 12:6-7, “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” If the Words of God are “VERY PURE,” then there can be only ONE SACRED BOOK!

I've attended a handful of Baptist churches on Guam, but two of them literally didn't want me, and the other two made me feel unwelcome. They were all corrupted doctrinally to some extent, teaching the heresies of turning from sins to be saved and Lordship Salvation. Three of the churches use the modern corrupt Bible versions, and the pastor of the one King James Bible (KJB) only church that I attended, called one of the other corrupt churches (that teaches the lie of Calvinism) his “sister” church. That pastor is a shameful intern from Pensacola Christian College (PCC). The KJB only church also teaches the heresy to turn away from sins to be saved. I made a fuss, as a faithful Christian ought to do, contending for the faith, and I dearly paid the price of excommunication and loneliness. Today's families are as messed up as our churches! So I say to you dear reader—center your life only around the UNCHANGING INSPIRED WORDS OF GOD!!!!!!!

I thank God the Father for the gift of His only begotten Son, the precious Lord Jesus Christ! My website ministry literally saved my life, because it gave me a reason to keep going, helping others in the Lord. I even bought two small barbeques and a bag of charcoal to asphyxiate myself in the bathroom with the door closed, but I never did it. If you have never been the victim of a divorce, when your life's companion abandons you in hostility, hatred and anger, then you cannot even begin to grasp the inexplicable emotional trauma and pain of soul that I suffered through. I have forgiven her completely, and give her voluntarily any money that she needs or desires today because I love her in the Lord, but all my trust is understandably gone toward her.

Pastor Jack Hyles was correct in saying: Divorce is a sin that perpetuates for a lifetime! I hate divorce, just like God hates divorce. The United States is an ungodly nation that permits, encourages and forces divorce upon people. I tried to stop it. My lawyer literally told me that “the judge is a lesbian, a Catholic and a feminist,” and would use my website ministry against me to take away my children if I didn't cooperate, by claiming that I was an overbearing father who had indoctrinated my children. That is what my ungodly attorney said to me. In desperation I kindly called the Christian Law Association for their advice concerning my ministry being used against me in a divorce, but one of their self-righteous ungodly attorneys treated me like garbage and hurt me. I didn't want to lose my children. I wept uncontrollably in tears of regret, sorrow and resentment that I was being railroaded into a divorce that I didn't want, but my wife refused to reconcile and I have that in writing in the divorce papers. Proverbs 31:12, “She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” Ladies, don't be a feminist by filing for divorce, it is the Devil's way, not God's way!

I once read a sign at work that someone hung up, that encouraged me, because I tend to feel guilty, like everything is my fault, but it's not true. The sign read: There's always something you thought you could have done to make things better! Ain't it the truth. It is so easy to live in a foolish world of thinking—I should of, I could of, I would of! Don't do that to yourself dear reader. No matter what we do in life, we cannot control and predict the outcome of things. If you have made different choices—the one that you think you should have made—you might be dead right now, or someone else, or you might be crippled in a wheelchair, who knows! So thank God for the way that your life has turned out, because I promise you that many people have it worse! It takes two to tango. The problems leading up to our divorce we're both our faults, but the divorce itself is 100% her fault, because she refused my attempts to reconcile. Once there has been a legal divorce, the sacred union of marriage has been broken. My former wife has no part in my ministry rewards since 2006, nothing! She is her own boss now—doing what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, sassing me at will with her rebellious attitude—AWOL from her marriage and has no part in me anymore. Satan hath filled the heart of anyone who files for divorce.

“People who wish to remain FREE can follow only one plan of action. They must support Christianity against
ALL forms of atheism and secularism.”
(SOURCE: PAWNS IN THE GAME, page 127, by William Guy Carr, 1958).

Luke 11:28, “But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.”

Any Family Can Turn Out Right for God Though Faith in God's Words

I have diligently listened to Pastor Steven Anderson's sermons and interviews with interest. Brother Anderson is a fascinating fella to me. The guy has no college educaiton, yet went out with faith in his heart and a Holy Bible in his hands, started knocking on doors in some random area in Arizona that he selected, and BUILT A SOLID SOULWINNING CHURCH! I love it! Would to God that we had many more such men of God. The interesting thing is that it WASN'T a Bible college that made Steven Anderson, it was the caring influence of his parents and older sister. Pastor Anderson didn't just happen, he was created! His parents wisely took him to an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. His mother homeschool her children and diligently taught them, taking the matter seriously, not lackadaisical or half-stepping things. The father taught his sons and gave them responsibility at an early age to help them mature. His sister got him started playing the piano, which he took a quick interest in and developed on his own. From listening to Pastor Anderson's sermons and interviews, it is obvious to me that he is the pleasant result of a God-fearing, go-getter, ambitious, caring and solid (but imperfect) family.

The godly success of Pastor Steven Anderson just confirms something true that Pastor J. Frank Norris (1877-1952) said:

“What we need is a school that teaches the whole English Bible. What is needed is a school that will take men from the engine cab, from between the plowshares and teach them the Bible. What is needed is a school that is free from modernism. What is needed is a school that will teach a man how to go out with the Bible under his arms, faith in his heart, and in the power of the Holy Spirit begin in a vacant lot and build a church to the glory of God.”

SOURCE: J. Frank Norris, a quote from the excellent book, “The J. FRANK NORRIS I Have Known" (for 34 Years), by Dr. Louis Entzminger.

Even the churches will let you down, and you are unwise to center your life around a church, because churches tend to deteriorate over time as the culture changes. Since churches are comprised of individual people, and we are all a product of our ever-changing culture (be it American, Australian, European or whatever). But God Never changes (Malachi 3:6). The same strict God of the Old Testament sits upon His throne in Heaven today, and His attitude toward those who sin is still the same! Thankfully, He is also the God of the New Testament, which reveals God's wondrous mercy and grace available ONLY through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. No man (or group of men) upon earth could have ever devised such a grand plan of salvation for the human race, with such incredible genius of design, supernatural origin, depth of meaning, fascinating history, and elegant simplicity. Only a willing fool would dare claim that the Holy Bible was authored by mortal men, and the Lord Jesus Christ a mere fraud, and the omnipotent God of Israel a hypothesis. Even a small child can see that there is a God, and that the King James Bible was authored by God. Only man can corrupt man!

America is a Product Today of Decades of Satanic Influence

The entire culture of Hollywood ought to be arrested, tried, convicted and hung! Hollywood glamorizes everything that is sinful, vile, blasphemous, indecent, wrong, immoral and destructive. If you know anything about the inner-workings of Hollywood, then you know that Satanism saturates their movies, showing occult symbols at the creepiest times in films, acknowledging the hardcore Luciferianism that controls Hollywood. Satan is the boss of Hollywood! Many of the actors themselves would agree immediately with that truthful statement. The Bible has much to say about thought control, submitting our mind to God's by yielding to His Words...

Ephesians 4:22-27, “That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another. Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil.”

Web visitors frequently ask me how to win stubborn loved ones to the Lord. The only way is to somehow get them to listen to the Scriptures. Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Faith only comes from HEARING God's Word, which is why the Devil has removed the inspired Holy Bible from children's daily lives at school since 1963. Satan has disarmed the kids, leaving them defenseless against all Satanic attack! That is why we read the horrifying tragedies in the news. Without God's Word in our heart, society has nothing to bind it together anymore. It is not that hard to figure out why the United States is so screwed up nowadays, we have forsaken God's Words...

Psalms 119:9-11, "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments. Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”

The Word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Why do you think the Devil and his children hate it so much? Beware of any pastor, seminary professor or preacher who doesn't use, magnify and love the King James Bible!!!

We Need Both 'Peace With God' and the 'Peace of God'

Do you want “THE GOD OF PEACE” to be with you? I certainly do! As a redeemed child of God I not only have PEACE WITH GOD, but I also have the PEACE OF GOD! Peace with God is settled the moment you get saved, by receiving Jesus as your personal Savior through faith in the “GOOD NEWS” of Christ's death on the cross, burial, and bodily resurrection three days later. This is the precious “GOSPEL” of the Lord Jesus Christ (1st Corinthians 15;1-6). We obtain peace with God through obedience to the Gospel. 1st Peter 4:17, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” Salvation makes us right with God POSITIONALLY. The Peace of God is obtained by being right with God CONDITIONALLY, as His child, which is what the preceding Scripture passage from Philippians 4:6-9 teaches us.

It is no coincidence in the preceding passage, that developing the habit of THINKING ON THESE THINGS is associated with a prayer life. No believer can enjoy the PEACE OF GOD, who sits around thinking about all the crime, corruption and chaos in this ungodly world! That is why I intentionally avoid listening to too much worldly news. I deliberately plan to listen to Alexander Scourby read the King James Bible, or else I won't do it. I deliberately plan to listen to Bible-preaching, or else I won't do it. I make myself do these things, which I know are good for my soul! I gathered my entire collection of MP3 sermons and Bible studies by Pastor Jack Hyles (my hero of the faith), and created a random playlist of 2,758 sermons to listen to. I did this primary for my own spiritual growth, and have made it available to help others also. When I began my website ministry in 2002, and still today, one main reason I did it is to provide a bastion of truth for myself and my loved ones—a central place to archive all that I have learned and found concerning the truth—to preserve and promote it. To God alone be the glory, great things He hath done!

“God will not accept anybody who rejects His Word! ...And when I say 'reject the Word,' I mean when we refuse to believe EVERY BIT OF THE WORD OF GOD, I believe the Lord will not accept us!” —Evangelist Lester Roloff, a quote from the awesome needful sermon, “The Devil's Decoys!” (or, “What's Fooling You?”) | MP3

Humble Yourself Dear Sinner Before the Savior

Oh, listen to me dear reader, I don't want you (or myself) to become the next casualty! We don't have to. We all need to RUN TO JESUS' FEET as did a sinful woman in the city. Luke 7:37-38, “And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.” Humble yourself dear sinner at the Savior's precious feet, and hear what the Word of God saith! ...

Proverbs 4:20-27, “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee.  Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee. Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.”

The truth is that the churches cannot compete with modern entertainment industry! That is why the churches were packed full a century ago, when people were bored and had no electronic entertainment at home, and they looked forward to going to church for the socialization and excitement it provided for the family. But today things are quite different, because we have all sorts of electronic distractions at home—Television, movies, video games, cellphones, i-pads, internet, stereo systems, et cetera.

“Did you realize tonight that we're living in a Godless nation, a Christless nation, a Bibleless nation?” —Brother Lester Roloff, a needful quote from the MP3 sermon titled, “'THE LIVING BIBLE' EXPOSED!

Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation…” When we as a nation and our leaders, pursue and pray for the righteousness that God desires, as modeled by the Founding Fathers of America (i.e. our godly heritage), only then will a holy God respond to our obedience and faith in Him, with blessing and exultation for our nation, as He promised...

2nd Chronicles 7:14-15, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.”

Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

*       *       *      *      *      *      *

Honorable Quotes On the Holy Bible by Former U.S. Presidents . . .

“The first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the Bible. I speak as a man of the world…and I say to you, 'Search the Scriptures.'” —John Quincy Adams, Sixth President

“That Book, sir, is the Rock on which our Republic rests.” —Andrew Jackson, Seventh President

“In regard for this Great Book, I have this to say, it is the best gift God has given to man. All the good Savior gave to the world was communicated through this Book.” —Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President

“Hold fast to the Bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties, write its precepts in your hearts, and practice them in your lives. To the influence of this book are we indebted for all the progress made in true civilization, and to this we must look as our guide in the future. Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.” —Ulysses S. Grant, Eighteenth President

“If you take out of your statutes, your constitution, your family life all that is taken from the Sacred Book, what would there be left to bind society together?” —Benjamin Harrison, Twenty third President

“The Bible is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the nature of God, and spiritual nature and needs of men. It is the only guide of life which really leads the spirit in the way of peace and salvation. America was born a Christian nation. America was born to exemplify that devotion to the elements of righteousness which are derived from the revelations of Holy Scripture.” —Woodrow Wilson, Twenty eighth President

“The strength of our country is the strength of its religious convictions. The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country.” —Calvin Coolidge, Thirtieth President

“We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic. Where we have been the truest and most consistent in obeying its precepts, we have attained the greatest measure of contentment and prosperity.” —Franklin Roosevelt, Thirty second President

“The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from Exodus and Saint Matthew, from Isaiah and Saint Paul…. If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State!” —Harry Truman, Thirty third President

“Inside the Bible’s pages lie all the answers to all of the problems man has ever known… It is my firm belief that the enduring values presented in its pages have a great meaning for each of us and for our nation. The Bible can touch our hearts, order our minds, and refresh our souls.” —Ronald Reagan, Fortieth President

Thank you for reading this article.

Acts 26:13, “At midday, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the
brightness of the sun
, shining round about me and them which journeyed with me.”


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