The Damnable 'English Standard Version'

By David J. Stewart | January 2009 | Updated February 2017

       The English Standard Version (hereafter referred to as the ESV) is deadly and needs to be exposed! The publishers mislead people when they claim that the ESV is a “word-for-word translation of the original Greek.1 What they DON'T tell people is that there is a raging debate over which “original Greek” texts are trustworthy. The ESV is based upon an entirely DIFFERENT Greek text than the precious King James Bible. The ESV is based upon the Alexandrian texts from Egypt. I wouldn't give you a dime for the ESV or any other modern “version” of the Bible, because they're all based upon the corrupt Greek work of heretics Westcott and Hort. Thank God for the reliable King James Bible (KJB)!

New Feminist Change to “English Standard Version” (ESV says the exact opposite of the KJB)

The apostate and shameful Bob Jones University (BJU) Campus Store sells the satanic English Standard Version (ESV). It is wickedness!!! I know Bob Jones College graduates and affiliated churches which use the satanic Easy-To-Read Version (ERV), which is also translated from the corrupt Alexandrian texts. The ERV is even worse than the despicable New International Version (NIV), removing the word “virgin” from Isaiah 7:14. God's curse is upon the Alexandrian texts and all of the modern Bible revisions translated from them. Apostate Anglican ministers and occult members, Brooke Westcott and Fenton Hort are the modern perpetrators of the perverse Alexandrian Greek text. Both Westcott and Hort rejected Jesus' Deity. All of the modern Bible versions attack Christ's Deity and remove the word “Godhead” completely from Romans 1:20, Acts 17:29 and Colossians 2:9 (the only three mentions of this important word in the precious King James Bible). Clearly, Satan is the author of the Alexandrian texts.

Lineage of the Modern Corrupt Bible Revisions | Chart (Larger)

The Bible teaches in John 8:44 that the Devil is a LIAR and the father of all liars. The Bible also teaches in 2nd Corinthians 11:13-14 that Satan masquerades himself as an Angel of Light who relentlessly works to pervert, corrupt and deceive. Satan's teachers are everywhere.

In today's apostate world, few people can distinguish between truth and error. Jesus said that the tares are sown alongside the wheat, and only the angels know who the tares and wheat are. The Word of God is our only defense. This is why Jesus commanded in John 5:39... SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!! Is it any wonder why Satan is corrupting the Scriptures to prevent people from obeying Jesus' command in John 5:39? Not at all. The ESV is just another attempt of Satan to malign and twist the Word of God into a lie.

The ESV Corrupts 1st John 5:7

Here's 1st John 5:7 from the ESV...

“For there are three that testify.”

Now here's the trustworthy King James Bible...

"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one."

Obviously, the ESV is not anywhere near accurate and is a lie of the Devil. Like all other corrupt modern versions of God's Word, the ESV removes the GODHEAD.

THE ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION (ESV) EXPOSED! | The Damnable English Standard Version!

The ESV Corrupts Philippians 2:6

Now here's Philippians 2:6 from the ESV...

“who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped”

Now here's the trustworthy King James Bible...

“Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God”

Clearly, the ESV robs Jesus Christ of His deity, claiming that He couldn't grasp being equal with God. Yet the King James Bible proclaims that Jesus is Almighty God (Revelation 1:8). God deliver us from the apostasy of our day, from all the Bible-corrupters and Christ-rejecters.

There are THOUSANDS of similar problems with the ESV and a large book could be written exposing it's deceptions and lies. I beseech you my friend, use only the King James Bible (and NOT the New King James Version either, it's corrupted too). Here's a compelling article exposing the numerous problems with the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. By close comparison, you'll find that the SAME perversions are similar in the ESV and NIV, because they both originate in the same corrupt Greek text of heretics Westcott and Hort.

ESV Translators Say Final Changes Made in 2016... Wait A Minute! They CHANGED Their Mind AGAIN!

Lies, Lies and More Lies!

The following is quoted from the official website of the English Standard Version of the Bible...

“The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is a new, essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning...”

SOURCE: Introduction to the ESV Bible

What they DON'T tell you is that they are using the CORRUPTED Greek texts of heretics Westcott and Hort, two unsaved men who hated the Word of God. The King James Bible came from an entirely different Greek text (the Textus Receptus) which originated from Antioch, Rome, where believers were first called "Christians" (Acts 11:26). The corrupted Greek text which Westcott and Hort used originated from Egypt.

Second, the ESV is special because it is a “word-for-word” translation. The Bible says every word was “breathed out by God” (2 Timothy 3:16). For this reason, the ESV seeks to translate the original Greek and Hebrew words with the greatest possible accuracy and precision.

SOURCE: Introduction to the ESV Bible

How can you have "accuracy and precession" if you have a perverted manuscript to begin with?

Third, the ESV is special because it carries forward the great historic stream of Bible versions in English—with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning, in a fresh and compelling way.

SOURCE: Introduction to the ESV Bible

The ESV is a piece of garbage, containing the same lame mumbo-jumbo of the New International Version (NIV). All modern bibles are corrupt because they are all translated from the corrupt Greek texts of Westcott and Hort.

The ESV website further states...

Would you believe it took nearly 500 years to translate the ESV Bible? That’s because the ESV builds on the great translations of the past—including William Tyndale’s New Testament of 1526 and the King James Version (KJV) of 1611.

But the ESV Bible also builds on the best Christian scholarship of the last 100 years. The result is a fresh and compelling Bible translation with a timeless quality, that’s trustworthy and true ...

The result is a Bible that conveys the timeless quality of God’s Word and that remains trustworthy and true to the original words breathed out by God. As Moses wrote more than 3,000 years ago, the words of God are “your very life, and by this word you shall live” (Deuteronomy 32:47).

SOURCE: Introduction to the ESV Bible

What a bunch of rubbish! Please don't be deceived by the rhetoric, the ESV is no better than the perverted NIV. They've even stooped as far as to exploit the scholarship King James Translators...

“With the greatest respect for the KJV and deep gratitude to its translators for their work, the English Standard Version Translation Team endeavored to carry on the KJV’s historic translation legacy in a way that is fresh and compelling for today and that will endure for generations to come.”

SOURCE: From KJV to ESV: A Historical Legacy

It may all sound good on the surface (and I'm sure a lot of naive people will buy into the lie); but the ESV translators butchered the Word of God, even denying the Lord's deity in Philippians 2:6. Just as with the NIV, the ESV removes the word "worshipped" in Matthew 8:2, replacing it with the weaker word "knelt." Just as with the NIV perversion, the ESV removes important Biblical terms such as: Godhead, Calvary, Lucifer, sodomite, et cetera. I challenge you to compare all the problems with the NIV to the ESV and you'll find a striking similarity.

Examine all the corruptions to the New International Version (NIV) and the Easy-To-Read Version (ERV), and then compare those corruptions to the English Standard Version (ESV)... THEY'RE ALL THE SAME!!!

Beware of the ESV!

The English Standard Version is of the Devil. There's not a more trustworthy Bible available today in English than the precious King James Bible. Homosexuals, Christ-rejecters, sin-lovers, apostates, liberals, ecumenicals, false teachers who teach false gospels, the self-righteous and sinister ministers will love the ESV.

The King James Bible Defended!

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