The Honorable King James

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King James VI and I in 1610
King James VI and I in 1610

The VI Of Scotland and I Of England
Unjustly Accused?

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The Latest Evidence Supporting The Godly Character Of The Most High And Mighty Prince James By The Grace Of God, King Of England, Scotland, France, Ireland, Wales, Defender Of The Faith, And Renowned Christian King.

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By Stephen Coston

Conclusively proves false the myriad of lies propagated about King James.

Exhaustively Documented
392 Pages, 10 Chapters
Introduction by: His Grace, The 10th Duke of Atholl
Prelude by: The (William) Wallace Clan Trust


James wrote in his work Basilicon Doron that:

"There are some horrible crimes that ye are bound in conscience never to forgive: such as witchcraft, willful murder, incest, and sodomy."

There is no recorded objective documentation that King James ever practiced or promoted sodomy, the historical record only knows of King James' heterosexuality and condemnation of sodomy.


"There are a number of recorded statements in which James justified homosexuality/sodomy ... King James was a homosexual monarch."


King James condemned "soft delicacies" in his Counterblast To Tobacco but also railed against this sort of thing in Basilicon Doron stating:

"But especially eschew to be effeminate in your clothes, in perfuming, preening, or such like.., and make not a fool of yourself in disguising or wearing long your hair or nails, which are but excrements of nature... Guard against corrupt leide and effeminate ones."

James also condemned "female transvestism" by instructing the clergy by royal order and express commandment to inveigh vehemently in their sermons against the faddish practice. Again the historical record is directly at odds with the fictional critical accounts of King James' life.


James was effeminate and encouraged his favorites to also be effeminate.


James wrote to his wife/Queen Anne:

"I thank God 1 carry that love and respect unto you which by the law of God and nature, I ought to do to my wife and mother of my children.., for the respect of your honorable birth and decent I married you but the love and respect I now bear you for that ye are my married wife and so partaker of my honor... God as my witness 1 ever preferred you to all my bairns much more than any subject. (signed) Your Own, James Rex."


King James also wrote love poetry to his wife and in addition to this James also wrote of Anne: "...if it were possible for me to love her better than ever I did before it were my part to do it." And even after her death James wrote: "She was an excellent wife to us... she has left a great longing for her."


King James did not love his wife, disliked the institution of marriage and women in general.


Noting of the institution of Holy Matrimony (marriage) James wrote in Basilicon Doron:

"But the principal blessing that you can get of good company will stand in your marrying of a Godly and virtuous wife being flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone.., marriage is the greatest earthly felicity and without the blessing of God you cannot look for a happy marriage."

James further counseled that one should:

"keep your body clean and unpolluted while you give it to your wife whom only it belongs for how can you justly crave to be joined with a virgin if your body be polluted."

James goes on to counsel against "fornication" and "filthy affections" regardless if the world does not view these sins as serious... James writes:

"Be not ashamed to keep your body (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit) pure... (and) marriage is one of the greatest actions that a man does all his time.., when you are married keep inviolably your promise made to God in your marriage."


King James continues on in this work to compose one of the most excellent treaties on marriage ever penned. Read it for yourself! Additionally, did King James care about women in general? In his Counterblast to Tobacco King James wrote regarding reasons why men should not smoke:

"Moreover, which is a great iniquity, and against all humanity, the husband shall not be ashamed to reduce thereby his delicate wholesome and clean complexioned wife to that extremity, that either she must also corrupt her sweet breath therewith or else resolve to live in a perpetual stinking torment."

Was King James interested in the Salvation of souls? In a letter to his Godson, the 1st Duke of Buckingham in 1619, James witnesses to him:

"....for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom... Praying God that as you are regenerated and born in him anew, so you may rise to him and be sanctified in him ,forever. Amen"


With regard to James' desire for the proclamation of the gospel, the authorizing Grant Charter given to settle the Colony of Virginia written by James states:

"To make habitation ...and to deduce a colony of sundry of our people into that part of America, commonly called Virginia... in propagating of Christian religion to such people as yet live in darkness... to bring a settled and quiet government."

In speaking of our salvation, in his work Basilicon Doran, King James mentions:

"...white garments washen the blood of the lamb (as St. John sayeth)..." And, "all that is necessary for salvation is contained in the scripture."

And finally, concerning the Church of Rome James writes:

" I am no papist and said before... ". "Now faith the free gift of God (as Paul sayeth). It must be nourished by prayer, which is no thing but a friendly talking to God. Use oft to pray when ye are quiet, especially in your bed..."

All this and more is documented in King James VI of Scotland & I of England - Unjustly Accused? Read for yourself the actual facts surrounding the life and character of King James VI & I. The contemporary and modern critics of James are put into proper perspective and the real life of this much misunderstood monarch is clearly brought to light. It will be evident that the facts are at odds with the fiction when this full length historical work is available. Ben Johnson's comments made in James' own time are timely and applicable even today:

"And there must go much more to the make of a guilty man than rumor."


King James VI & I himself noted almost prophetically long ago:

"They quarrel me not for any evil or vice in me but because I was a King, which they thought the highest evil, and because they were ashamed to profess this quarrel they were busy to look narrowly in all my actions, and I warrant you a moat in my eye, yes a false report was matter enough for them to work upon... Keep one ear for me not withstanding of many malicious tongues that now do boldly speak."

The court is now in session, read for yourself what has been hidden on the shelves of libraries around the world and which will now travel through the reaches of time to vanquish ignorance and repression of the Godly character of one the most famous and learned princes of the Jacobean world - King James VI & I.

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