Why I Reject The Modern Bible Versions

by David J. Stewart | November 2019

Psalms 138:2, “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”

       Dear friend, please consider the following reasons why I reject the modern Bible versions. I pray that God's Holy Spirit will speak to your heart, as my mortal words speak to your mind:

  1. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF ENGLISH BIBLE VERSIONS! - You couldn't make this stuff up! According to the American Bible Society, there are presently about 900 English Bible versions. Really? Wow! May I kindly say, our omnipotent God Authored just ONE SACRED BOOK!
  2. THE MODERN VERSIONS WERE BIRTHED DURING THE 19TH CENTURY, A TIME OF OCCULT REVIVAL! - It was during the 1800's that most of the pseudo-Christian cults (Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventism, Christian Science, et cetera) were invented. In was during this time that Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto, and the lies of Evolution were set in motion, and Brooke Westcott and Fenton Hort presented their demonic work: “The New Testament In The Original Greek” to the world in 1881.
  3. THE MODERN VERSIONS RUTHLESSLY ATTACK JESUS' DEITY - The modern versions remove every mention of someone “worshipping” Jesus, and reduce it to a mere “bowed” or “knelt.” Well you can bow or kneel before a king without worshipping him. The King James Bible faithfully tells us that people “WORSHIPPED” the Lord Jesus Christ. I hate the modern Bible PERversions!
  4. THE MODERN BIBLE VERSIONS KEEP CHANGING! - Year after year we are bombarded with more Bible versions, accompanied by claims of being “better” and “more reliable,” closer to the original autographs. Yet, these versions ALL share the same exact omissions, changes and corruptions as the other Alexandrian-based translations! Sadly, the New International Version (NIV) has literally changed 38.8% in content between 1984 and 2011. Do you really think that is GOD'S WORD? I sure don't!
  5. THE MODERN VERSIONS ARE ALL COPYRIGHTED TO MAKE MONEY - The King James Bible can be reproduced by anyone without worry over copyright infringement. God's Word cannot be copyrighted. Men may add some comments, maps or other items to claim a copyright for their particular publication of the King James Bible, but the Word of God itself is not copyrighted. God alone owns His Words! Look in the front of any modern version, and you'll find a warning not to quote more than 500 words without obtaining written permission from the publishing company. That is of the Devil! These counterfeit manuscripts all claim to be God's “Holy Bible,” but they are liars!
  6. HOMOSEXUALS LIKE THE NEW BIBLE VERSIONS - Check out this sick twisted article written by John Shore at the Huffington Post, which attempts to legitimize sodomite marriages by wrestling the Scriptures. Most of the modern PERversions change the word “sodomite” to “male prostitute” or “temple prostitute,” distancing the Word of God from the LGBTQ homosexual agenda. It is vile wickedness!!! Thank God for the good ole King James Bible, which says King Asa, “took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made” (1st Kings 15:12b).
  7. THE MODERN BIBLE VERSIONS CORRUPT THE MEANING OF REPENTANCE - Satan is always attempting to change the truth of God into a lie, to blind men's minds from seeing the glorious Gospel that saves (2nd Corinthians 4:3-4). A typical example of how the Devil has corrupted repentance in the modern versions is found in the Easy-To-Read Version (ERV), which changes “Repent ye” in Mark 1:15b, to a shocking, “change your hearts and lives.” Oh dear friend, that is not what repentance means! The word “repent” here (used in the verb form) is the Greek word “metanoeo,” which simply means “to think differently.” We are saved by thinking differently so that we believe the Gospel!
  8. THE MODERN VERSIONS SECULARIZE THE BIBLE - That is, they are changing the inspired Words of God into the words of men! Slowly but surely the churches today are being transformed from theology to spirituality. We hear some really great messages preached from The Emerging Church Movement today, but they are woefully lacking in the Doctrine of Christ! Interestingly, occultist Alice Bailey (1880-1949) said in her writings that Luciferians were going to infiltrate and hollow out the churches, leading young people away from organized theology into a broad-minded form of spirituality. 2nd Timothy 3:5, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” This is necessary by Satan to prepare the world to receive the coming Man of Sin, the Antichrist. A typical example of secularizing the Bible is found in Acts 8:36-38, in which verse 37 has been completely removed, taking away believing on the Son of God to be saved!
  9. THE WORD OF GOD WAS NOT INFERIOR PRIOR TO THE MODERN VERSIONS - We keep hearing Bible version publishers claim that their “new” versions are “better,” “more reliable” and “accurate.” So what did Christians do before 1881 when Westcott and Hort came along (like two deadly venomous spiders)? How did believers prior to 1881 “search the Scriptures” (John 5:39b) as Jesus commanded? The Latin Vulgate Bible published by St. Jerome served as the standard Bible for Western Christian civilization for over 1,000 years.[1] All of a sudden in 2019 we've got 900 English Bible version? Right! A thesis presented to the Faculty of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College found that decoys are effective in military combat. And I quote: “The author concludes that decoys do enhance combat effectiveness.” The Devil uses the decoys of the modern Bible versions to lead his victims into spiritual danger! Anybody who loves the Lord Jesus Christ recognizes that the King James Bible is God's Word!
  10. THE MODERN VERSIONS ARE BECOMING GENDER NEUTRAL - As the sins of feminism, unisex and homosexuality take grip upon the United States, Bible publishing companies are corrupting the Word of God to be gender neutral. Case in point is the Southern Baptist Convention's new 2017 release of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). In the CSB, the word “man” appears 97 times in the Gospel of John, as compared to being mentioned 153 times in the King James Bible. That is wickedness!!! In the Epistle of Galatians, the King James Bible mentions “man” 26 times, but the CSB only 6 times! That is so horrible, what evil men are doing to corrupt the inspired Words of God. Wake up Oh Christian!

I'll stop there, but I could list a whole bunch more reasons why I strongly reject the modern Bible versions (and so should you). I love you dear reader, whoever you may be, with God's unconditional love. The truth matters! We don't get to pick and choose which Bible fits us best! God said what He meant, and meant what He said. God's immortal words are not subject to man's mortal censorship. It couldn't be more obvious that the Devil has infiltrated the churches today with umpteen different Bible versions to confuse everyone. If you're not upset, you're not paying attention! Get M.A.D. (make a difference!). Now is the time to stand up for the Lord and be heard, denouncing the Devil's assortment of Bible “versions,” one for every occasion. It is sickening, really! Am I the only one who gives a flip? I am the sworn, eternal and uncompromising enemy of the Bible corrupting movement.


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