America's Churches Are As Bad As MacDonald's

by David J. Stewart | September 2019

       I rarely eat at MacDonald's anymore. As a teenager I worked at MacDonald's for 17 months at age 16-18. I loved that job. I started by sweeping floors and and washing utensils, but quickly learned to work the grill and became a cook. I loved the job because everyday a free meal was included with the workshift. And if I worked more than half the day, I got a bigger sized meal. My manager would often ask me to work overtime, and offered me all the food I could eat if I stayed. I never refused his offer! I ate good at MacDonald's! The only reason I resigned the job was because i went off to Bible college.

Back then in 1983-1985 MacDonald's had much better quality food. At the time they still steamed all their Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. Literally, you could push your finger into the soft steamed bun and it left an indentation. The bread was so deliciously soft and desirable. Years later MacDonald's got greedy and cut corners, discounting their cooking practice of steaming the Filet-O-Fish buns. I HATE MAC DONALD'S TODAY!!! It was just as bad if not worse on Guam! The buns are DRY and as HARD as a rock! They've also reengineered the Filet-O-Fish breaded coating, making it tougher, which has affected the dining experience altogether. Although I still crave the Filet-O-Fish sauce, the sandwich is a waste of money in my humble opinion. When I worked at MacDonald's, I used to placed two slices of American cheese on my Filet-O-Fish (above and below the breaded fish), and then top it off with fresh shredded lettuce, and steam it until the cheese melted over the fish, and the bun was wonderfully soft and moist. IT WAS HEAVEN ON EARTH and my favorite meal!!!

Furthermore, when I worked at MacDonald's they still used that wonderful Styrofoam wrappers. When you opened your Big Mac, Quarter Pound Cheeseburger or whatever sandwich you ordered, the steam rose up and it was piping hot! But then MacDonald's got weird, and started insanely selling their food in cardboard wrappers. I regret stopping by MacDonald's the other day. I REALLY DO! I only went to see if perhaps the Mc Rib was in season, but it wasn't. So I ordered a Big Mac meal with a bottle of water. It came with a small order of fries. And I only ordered a Filet-O-Fish sandwich by itself. So I ordered 4 items (a Big Mac, small fries, a bottle of water, and a Filet-O-Fish sandwich by itself). They charged me $13.89! I couldn't believe it! What a rip off!!! Those awful cardboard boxes make the food taste like cardboard! And if that doesn't ruin your appetite, I read a message on the side of the Big Mac box that said the cardboard was produced using 37% recycled post-consumer GARBAGE! Yummy!

I was disgusted last week while watching a YouTube video, to learn that the present CEO of Mac Donald's gets paid $9,000.000 a year! Great fluffy biscuits! I can humbly say that I definitely don't think he is worth the money!!! Mac Donald's is becoming exactly like the U.S. Postal Service—having billions of dollars in assets, manpower and machinery without any real qualified management. The new CEO walks around hugging everybody, and everybody hugs him, which is why he got the job evidently, as good public relations. WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD QUALITY? Mac Donald's has been voted one of THE WORST restaurants in the United States today (I fully agree), and it's only getting worse each year. They are so foolish, trying to reinvent the wheel. If Mac Donald's management had any brains at all, they'd go back to their roots and bring back everything as it was in 1975! I mean, as Dr. Russell Anderson always taught us at Hyles-Anderson College that—You stay successful the same way that you became successful!

When I went to order my food the other day, there were no appealing colors on the menu board. It was all ugly black type against a plain white background. It looked very ultra boring! I remember when MacDonald's menus were colorful, attractive to look at, and the food looked so appealing in the pictures. The other day I felt like I was in a very GENERIC RESTAURANT. It is obvious that Mac Donald's just wants to make a fast buck, skimp on quality and service as much as they can, and transform their 37,855 restaurants into mere assembly lines. What next, Soylent Green?

In the mid 1980s, Mac Donald's were selling a popular sandwich that I loved called, the “Mc D.L.T.,” which I really loved. It came with the hot beef patty on one side on a bun, and the cold lettuce and tomato on the other side with the other bun. You'd open the container and put the two halves together. Mac Donald's stopped selling that great idea, and now sell garbage! I hate their ice cream cones. The soft-serve ice cream looks like porcelain! It has an unappealing shiny coating that makes it look like toothpaste. It looks so phony! I HATE MAC DONALD'S ICE CREAM!!!

When I was a kid, I used to remove the cover from Mac Donald's milkshakes and eat the shake with my straw. You could see the wonderful texture of the ice cream in the milkshake. It was so thick you could eat it with a straw, and I did. Today, their milkshakes look and feel like foam! The appealing texture is gone! My throat feels like I am going to choke on whatever they put in their shakes. It is so awful! When I was a kid, the best soft-serve ice cream had an opaque texture, slightly off white color, kind of like French Vanilla, and it tasted so good!!!

Overall, Mac Donald's in 2019 is one of the WORST dining experiences you can have! The food quality is inferior. The food tastes like cardboard. The bread on Guam is the worst bread I have ever tasted. I don't know where they find their bread, but it is crumbly and hard, dried and lacking any appealing texture or taste. I'll give Burger King credit on Guam, their Whopper is still awesome!!! I'm going to Burger King next time, Lord willing. I love their onion rings too! I wish they'd bring back the steamed buns at Mac Donald's, but they are too cheap and greedy, and that is killing their business. When quality is sacrificed for money, a business is destined to suffer or fail. I was charged almost $14 for two lousy sandwiches, a small order of hard dry fries, and a bottle of water! That is ridiculous. Mac Donald's cannot survive like that! People aren't going to continue to pay top dollar for garbage. I can go buy a 2 pack of Rib Eye steaks for the same price! Mac Donald's prices have drastically risen in recent years, to the point where it's simply not worth it anymore.

American Churches Are Just As Bad As Mac Donald's

Having said all that about Mac Donald's fall from glory, I cannot help but say the exact same thing about our nation's churches, which have succumbed to apostasy. Tragically, over 5,000 Baptist churches in America have accepted same-sex perversion. In March of 2015, I was disgusted to learn that 20,562 Presbyterians ministers in 10,083 churches embraced the LGBTQ agenda! The new president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear, openly told SBC members that they should “become the fiercest advocates of the preservation and dignity of the LGBT community!” God judge this wicked nation! J.D. Greear has been inspired by demons! The Southern Baptist Convention has crumbled!!!

I was disgusted the other day to learn that Dr. John Goetsch is teaching a false plan of salvation at the West Coast Baptist College and Lancaster Baptist Church where Dr. Paul Chappell is the pastor. What is going on today? Why is heresy creeping into the churches? Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001) warned that heresy is creeping into our fundamental churches by the hour! IT SURE IS!!! Very few People Are Going To Heaven! Apostasy is everywhere nowadays! Psalms 12:1, “Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” Religion has become one of the biggest rackets in America, spearheaded by our shameful Bible colleges, nearly all of which deny the inspiration of the accurate and trustworthy King James Bible!

The average sermon today tastes like cardboard! It is dry and unappealing, lacking any real spiritual nutrition. Most pastors have an artificial shine to them, superficial and phony. Church worships services have become generic, repeating the same dead phrases over and over with no sincerity of heart. Matthew 15:7-8, “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” Most people don't want to go to church, but they won't let me go to church! I'm not kidding. Harvest Baptist Church on Guam has banned me in writing from returning, because I called their pastors out on their dropping the ball for God. They are embarrassed and too proud to repent. Only God can break today's stiffnecked, arrogant and proud apostate pastors—who endorse false prophets like Ravi Zacharias and John MacArthur, sanction and use umpteen different satanic Bible versions, promote the false gospel of turning from sinful behavior to receive the free gift of God, and are indifferent toward THE TRUTH. I am just A VOICE crying in the wilderness of cyberspace, hated and despised, rejected of my peers in the ministry because I am preaching THE TRUTH!!!

Today's inferior churches lack God's unconditional love for sinners. They form their own small social clubs, more like country clubs than New Testament churches. THE TRUTH doesn't matter to these apostates, only making more money. To be a pastor today is no longer a calling, but a mere profession, a career. When you kindly confront these ecumenical pastors, they are too stinking proud and defensive, shamefully lacking any true godly humility or desire to learn and grow. They do not truly walk with the Lord, for if they did they would hate every false way as God does. Psalms 119:104, “Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.” Pastors today are very immature. Talking to them is like talking to a little child who can't be reasoned with. I marvel how so many ignorant men, who have no love of the truth, and care not for the truth when you hand it directly to them, became to be leaders in the churches. The victims are the people, those who earnestly look up to and trust their pastors to lead them in the paths of righteousness and truth. Instead, the people are being led to the slaughter as cattle! Jeremiah 12:10, “Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness.”

I won't be going to Mac Donald's very often, nor will I be going to today's sickening churches much either, who are no better than Mac Donald's nowadays. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Literally, I can cook a much better meal at home than Mac Donald's could produce today. The food I cook has flavor, it is fresh, and nothing is dried and hard like Mac Donald's horrible food. Likewise, the preaching I hear on YouTube is much better than anything I have found locally on Guam. The churches are dead. Sadly, the churches are nothing more than entertainment centers. Harvest Baptist Church on Guam is a shameful disgrace to the cause of Jesus Christ. All they care about is money from what I have seen firsthand. They brag of their first-class music program, but admit that you can find better preaching elsewhere. That is very true, sadly, and they like it that way. Jeremiah 5:31, “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” Their ungodly pastors should all be fired! You can keep your MacDonald's churches, I'll eat at home tonight!

John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


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