God Only Made Two Genders: Male And Female

By David J. Stewart | February 2019

       I was reading the most recent Legal Alert from the Christian Law Association today. I was being scheduled for a new MRI scan in a couple weeks, to get an updated look at my damaged spinal cord. I am curious to see what they find. It has been 8 years since my last MRI. They are wanting to reduce my dosage of pain medications considerably, which is a big concern for me right now, since without the proper amount of pain relief prescription meds, I will suffer more than I already do, horribly, all the time. Please pray for me in the  months ahead. I dearly love all my web visitors.

I read the following statement in the January 2019 Legal Alert...

“A survey revealed that 40% of all adults believe that society still doesn't accept transgenders enough.”

SOURCE: January 2019, Legal Alert; published by the Christian Law Association.

That is tragic! We are living in the “perilous times” as foretold in the Word of God. 2nd Timothy 3:1, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” You know a society has gone to the dogs when transvestite men (who are still biologically male) are legally permitted to enter into women's and girl's bathrooms! We ought to be willing to give up our WRONGS, not our RIGHTS!

Bruce Springsteen is a Heathen Man

I was disgusted when I read in April of 2016 that famous singer, Bruce Springsteen, endorsed transgendered access to restrooms. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in North Carolina, in protest of the government refusing to grant perverts access to bathrooms.

Bruce Springsteen stated:

“Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them,” Springsteen said in the message posted on his website. “It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

[South Carolina governor: “We don’t need a transgender bathroom law here!”]

Springsteen’s stance comes as a host of major businesses and organizations have criticized North Carolina’s law, which prohibits transgender people from using bathrooms that don’t match the gender on their birth certificates. This legislation also bans local governments from extending civil rights protections to gay and transgender people.

SOURCE: Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert to protest bathroom law; Washington Times (April 8, 2016).

Bruce Springsteen is not just spiritually sick, he is a spiritually dead unsaved man. Although raised a strict Roman Catholic, Bruce now says he is agnostic (i.e., not sure of what he believes). Ephesians 2:2, “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” We must be careful to distinguish between legal “rights” for homosexuals/transgendered people, verses granting males legal permission to enter into female bathrooms. As a Bible-believing Christian, I am certainly 100% against both! Albeit, I think the matter of rights for gays is a moral issue, whereas the matter of granting males access to female restrooms is a serious safety issue. Little girls ought not be confronted by effeminate males entering into and leaving public restrooms. It is insane!

Our Hypocritical Law Makers

I was thinking earlier today about the woeful hypocrisy in our nation's laws. In New York City and other places across the United States, there are now laws prohibiting adults without a child from sitting near a children's playground, for fear of perverts approaching children; yet those same ungodly dumb dumb courts grant deviate individuals access to girls' restrooms. Think about how crazy this is—adult males without a child with them are legally prohibited from going near children in an open visible playground, but those same adult males can go into any enclosed female bathroom that is not visible to be around children!!! What is wrong with law makers? Certainly they do not fear God. Psalms 36:1, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.”

We need a revival of caring about each other in our churches in America. Sadly, today's professed Christians are no better than the heathen world. Our churches are filled with hardened sinners, who use the fact that they are sinners as a lame excuse to deliberately sin. Many believers sinfully hold on to grudges, casting out and ostracizing undesired brethren (like me) from their church clique, lacking Christ's genuine love for other saints. You are not right with God if you choose who to love, and who not to love, and reside in your little church clique. I love everyone, as does the Lord! James 2:1, “My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.”

People just don't care nowadays because of the absence of the Holy Bible in children's daily lives, which has produced multiple generations of ungodly heathens. When our land's highest courts removed and banned the Holy Bible in 1963 from America's classrooms, it was the nails in our nation's coffin! Matthew 24:12, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” The ungodly mainstream newsmedia in America have created a paranoid society, causing people to distrust others due to the perception of crime everywhere we go. In a country of 380,000,000 people, there is never an end to the horrendous reports of crime. Instead of teaching children the inspired Word of God, to instill in them faith and fear of God, we'd rather build bigger prisons and lengthen prison sentences, which serves no purpose except to help the Devil further kill, steal and destroy. Locking someone in a cage for the rest of their life is the epitome of ungodliness!

Taking a Stand for God Always Costs Us Something

I fully agree with the following courageous statement from the Christian Law Association...

“Those of us that Biblically believe God created only two genders are either keeping quite on this issue or are declining in number, and the legal battles to suppress that belief are strengthening.”

SOURCE: January 2019, Legal Alert; published by the Christian Law Association.

Why aren't Christians taking a public stand against the evil transgendered agenda? Why are the churches silent? Why is the Christian Law Association doing more to contend for the Christian faith than the Salvation Army, Bob Jones University and most of America's churches? Where is the person that truly cares? Where is the contentious believer contending for the faith? I have been compelled to leave multiple churches in my life because I was contentious (causing controversy) in the church. I have always done so in a gentlemanly manner, but it didn't matter how gentle I was, the truth always offends those who are in error.

I am often reminded of something that Dr. Jack Hyles said...

“A lady when I first came here said, 'I don't like that loud preaching.' I said, 'Sister, what I preach you wouldn't like if I whispered it.” Dr. Jack Hyles

I voluntarily worked with my beloved father (1933-2011) for several years, who founded the Grace Mission Church in Chicago, after I graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1993. My father was the pastor, and he made me his assistant pastor. I never received a penny for serving God. I preached every Sunday at the mission, and worked at the U.S. Postal Service fulltime as a technician throughout the week. The church (functioning as an outreach inner-city mission to the poor) was located in an all black community in the gang-infested Garfield Park area of Chicago. I was ordained by a group of local pastors in Chicago as a Gospel minister in 1993.

My father was a Moody Bible Institute graduate, and I was a Hyles-Anderson College graduate. I didn't have a problem with my father's new-evangelical roots, but he had a big problem with my fundamental Bible preaching. My father didn't like when I preached against booze. He didn't like when I hollered in the pulpit. The biggest issue between me and my father was over the exclusivity of the King James Bible. The tension eventually became so intense that we parted ways. In 2001 my father sent me a formal letter, signed by the church board of directors, notifying me that I had been removed from the board and kicked out permanently. My father had a Lutheran pastor on his church board, and also a Freemason. My father sinfully joined the Freemasons. I had been asked to join, but declined to join a known Luciferian organization. No one is right with God who is a member of Freemasonry! I have never regretted my right decision.

After I was excommunicated, the Lutheran pastor condemned me, saying sarcastically, “You and that King James Bible heresy!” I took that as a badge of honor, being persecuted for the Lord. Luke 6:22, “Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.” Jesus is the living Word of God (John 1:1-3, 14), and there is nothing more important than a preacher's stand for the inspiration of God's Word (Psalms 138:2). I remember the day I was ordained in 1993, that one of the ordination pastors present said, “Well we know one thing, he is King James Bible only!” I don't remember many details from my ordination day, but I do clearly remember that great statement, and I cherish it!!! Yes Sir, I am 100% King James Bible only!!!!!!!

God Only Created Male and Female, Nothing in Between

We are losing the battle folks! We are losing the battle against transgendered rights for homosexuals in America, because we aren't expressing our disgust as Christians against it. We should all be horrified! We should all be expressing our strong opposition against this creepy agenda, against the ungodly insane laws that permit transgendered men to use women's restrooms at will. Facebook has published 71 new gender options. Depending on who you talk to, you can find anywhere from a dozen up to over 100 new gender designations. But folks, the honest to God plain truth is that God Himself created us MALE and FEMALE, and there are only TWO genders.

What saith the Scripture? Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 5:2, “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

Even all the animals were created by God as either: MALE or FEMALE. Please don't let the Devil confuse you, by trying to deceive you into believing that there are more genders than simply male or female. God NEVER intended for males to have carnal knowledge with other males. It is confusion! That is why God made females, for males to mate with, to procreate. Homosexual sex is sinful in God's sight, which brings contempt from God and Heaven, also showing disrespect for one's self, family and community. Homosexuals bring woeful shame upon one's own community!!! No community can thrive and be advertised as a great place to raise a family, when you have homosexuals sodomizing each other. Do you fully understand what goes on in the vile bedroom of a homosexual? I don't even want to describe it! It is sickening to an decent person! God pity the ungodly U.S. government, who has placed innocent little children as adoptees into hundreds-of-thousands of ungodly homosexual homes to raise them! What will become of those impressionable children? We have abused our God-given freedoms, demanding a right to sin, which WILL ultimately lead to our enslavement.

Genesis 6:19, “And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.”


“The secret to Jack Hyles is his willingness to be repetitious of the obvious.” —Singer Bill Harvey

“The mark of the child of God is that he loves everybody!”
(a quote from Pastor Jack Hyles' classic MP3 sermon, “FORGIVENESS”)

“Sometimes you may leave here and say, 'I wonder what he's mad about?'
I'm not mad about anything, I just know one thing—whatever a
preacher quits preaching on, is what his church will fill up with!”

SOURCE: Pastor Phil Kidd, a quote from the needful sermon “I AM Ashamed.

“Only the Word of God can make you a man of God!”
—a quote by Pastor Ralph “Yankee” Arnold from the awesome sermon, “The Sure Word of Prophecy.”

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