I Voted Today

by Silent Witness | November 5, 2019

       Well, I did my civic duty just now, and I must say, I’m gratified in knowing I did the right thing. I got up, went out, and did what God Almighty wants me to do in order to be an upstanding Christian and a truth-teller. So in a sense, I’m content.

However, when I got to the polling place, I noticed that on the tables along with the sign-in sheets and polls, there lay an NIV bible with a flag on it. They weren’t in just one room, they were in all the rooms. Curious, I asked one of the women workers if they had a King James Bible anywhere. She looked around and said she didn’t know. I believed her, because I’m sure that these poll workers are doing this in ignorance. Anyway I was certain that as long as those corrupt NIV’s were sitting there, there was no chance that a King James Bible would be present; “oh no, we don’t want the truth, we love lies!” But I really believe they were simply ignorant about the Bible issue. I wished I could have preached to them, but I kept quiet.

By the way, I never saw bibles at the polling booths before. It’s called “mind control”. See, if there were King James Bibles present, people would see that and think either good (believers like me) or evil (those who hate the truth). With NIV bibles, either nobody cares or says, “Hmm, that’s a popular bible version, I like that…” NOT ME! I hate those piles of trash! Yes, I said it, THE NIV IS TRASH!! I wanted to grab them all up and throw them in the nearest trash can!!

If only they had KJB’s on those tables. If they did, no doubt that would mean that somebody stood up for God. It would have meant that there’s still a chance our country could be great again. Surely those poll workers would have thrown away those wretched, hideous, anti-God NIV bibles, because the KJB and the NIV can NEVER coexist. It would have meant that revival can start anywhere, but it starts in the heart. It makes me think of the verses in 1 Chronicles 7…

13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Nobody knows or quotes verse 13, but that is what God is doing with America right now. But everybody knows verse 14, even though many refuse to do it.

So I signed in and took my paper ballot (seems like nobody’s satisfied with the tried and true ways anymore) and went into the voting booth. Thank God I researched how to use these things, so I picked whom I believed God wanted me to pick, had it printed out, and left. I felt sorry for those folks there. If only they were believers… but only God knows, and that’s between them and the Lord.

I didn’t vote for anyone who was Democratic or Republican. I vote Independent every time, and if there are none, I leave it blank. I’m an undervoter. No sorry devilish puppet is going to be condoned by me, nor will they ever. If they don’t believe and act upon God’s Word, they’re unfit to be leaders and are losers in His eyes. In other words, they need to get saved and do right.

Sadly, I know none of my picks will be (s)elected, because I know that all of them were already picked by the powers that be. Voting is basically a joke, and the bigwigs who think we’re stupid laugh at our ignorance (I said “our” because there was a time I was ignorant too). Voting has become nothing more than a facade, a means of spreading propaganda.

No one votes honestly, they just want to do like everyone else (the herd mentality). Most don’t even take the time to go out and vote at all (I used to do that too, but I got the fear of God on me and I’ve been voting ever since). I’m not even angry, I’m just saddened and discouraged that people refuse to think for themselves. Why do you think God gave you a brain, and talents, and good health, and such and such? He wants you to GLORIFY HIM WITH YOUR LIFE. There is no other reason.



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