Understanding The Human Soul

by Silent Witness | July 2019

       This is a subject which had long evaded me, simply because I was not mature enough to receive it. Very interesting. Bro. David Stewart of Jesus is Savior.com plainly explains our triune (three in one) existence. Much as God is triune in existence (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost), we were created trune creatures, with a body, a soul, and a spirit.

The body is outwardly perishing day by day (because of sin), the soul is the whole of our being, and the spirit is the breath of life which departs at physical death and goes back to God Who gave it. The soul is what lives forever, if you’re born again, in Heaven, or if you’re lost, in Hell. I pray this helps you understand the one part of us which is so misunderstood. Perhaps I’ll learn something too, while I’m at it.

Believer’s Corner–Understanding the Human Soul– Jesus-Is-Savior.com


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